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Updating themes

Theme updates are periodically released to introduce new features and maintain compatibility with the latest RapidWeaver addons and web browsers. You can tell if an update is available, by comparing the number shown next to the theme name in RapidWeaver, versus the version number shown on the theme product page, on the ThemeFlood website.

Significant theme updates are commonly publicised via the ThemeFlood blog, the RapidWeaver forums and over social media. You are welcome to get in contact and ask if there are any forthcoming updates for themes planned or submit feature requests of your own you want considered.

Theme updates are not sent out automatically by email, because previously it was found many of the emails went missing in junk or spam mail folders. The costs were too prohibitive. Instead updates are provided for free and you're always invited to check for the availability of theme updates yourself. This helps you find and download updates at a time convenient to you.

Currently you can obtain free theme updates either via your secure Paddle Locker or by using the Nimblehost Waterfall update checker. Both methods are documented below.

Please always be certain that your RapidWeaver project files and addons are all backed-up before commencing any updates. You should already have Time Machine enabled on your computer and you can learn more about theme backups in the theme management article.

Updating themes using your Paddle Locker

If you purchased themes on or after 10th January 2015, you were invited to provide your email address and a password during the checkout process. With these login credentials, you can access your Paddle Locker. Paddle is the payment and shopping cart provider used on the ThemeFlood and Stacks4Stacks websites. Once you're logged into your secure locker, you can easily re-download themes again. The download links always point to the latest version of the theme. You can change your email address or password at any time in your Paddle Locker too.

Paddle Locker

Of note: if you obtained your copy of a theme before 10th January 2015, you may need to be issued with a new download link. E-Junkie download links no longer work, because changes to taxation laws in Europe (relating to digital downloads) forced us to change the checkout provider from E-Junkie to Paddle. Please get in contact via email and provide details of the theme update(s) you want and provide proof of purchase. Proof of purchase can comprise of your invoice or receipt; or alternatively the name and email address of the purchaser. If no proof of purchase can be located, please purchase the latest version of the theme from the ThemeFlood website.

Updating themes using Waterfall

Waterfall is a small plugin for RapidWeaver, available to purchase from the Nimblehost website. A screenshot of the plugin is pictured below. Waterfall is added to your project as a new page. It lists all the third-party addon themes you've got installed within RapidWeaver and attempts to check for any available updates.

Waterfall theme updater

Theme companies like ThemeFlood have special 'appcast servers' which maintain a list of theme names and version numbers. The Waterfall plugin connects to these servers securly to check for updates. Waterfall will flag any themes that it finds updates for.

Although there have been notworthy discussions in the news recently about security vulnerabilities associated with the Sparkle software update mechanism (that Waterfall and our appcast servers make use of) it is important to remember that RapidWeaver addons are not executable software and therefore cannot cause harm to your computer! The ThemeFlood appcast server has always used SSL encryption and security certificates.



Currently waterfall will download and install the latest versions; which will be ready the next time you restart RapidWeaver. Older versions of themes will be moved into the /Waterfall/Backups/ folder, in your RapidWeaver addons folder. This may lead RapidWeaver to complain that the theme you were last using is missing. You can resolve this issue by clicking RapidWeaver > Manage Addons in the RapidWeaver menu. Navigate into the /Waterfall/Backups/ folder, where you'll find older copies of your themes. Typically you're see the theme name, with _backup_2016-01-67-47 or similar appended after the name:

Waterfall backups folder

Copy and paste the backup to your desktop and delete everything in the folder name after .rwtheme. Finder will ask if you want to change the file name extension, and you choose to use the .rwtheme extension:

Waterfall file names

At this point, you can just double-click to reinstall the theme again.

When using ThemeFlood themes, you can safely keep multiple versions of the same theme installed. RapidWeaver handles each theme version as a different theme. Of course, older versions will still get flagged as requiring updates in Waterfall. If you prefer, you can choose to use Waterfall purely as an update checker and continue to download available theme updates from your Paddle Locker.

Please note that Waterfall update checking only works on ThemeFlood themes installed after 10th January 2015. Free demo versions of themes and copies of themes installed before 10th January 2015 will not check for updates automatically. Waterfall will only update original themes; those which you have previously duplicated and renamed for modification will not be updated.

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