We specialise in designing and developing quality RapidWeaver® themes. The free themes are an ideal entry-level route for anybody new to RapidWeaver. The paid themes offer phenomenal power to deploy expert-grade websites. Themes provide a structured 'drag and drop' system of building a website and take-care of all the complicated coding for you. Contrary to what some say, most themes are extensively customisable - through letting you change aspects like the page layout, font faces, colours and background images - so you can really make things 'look your own' with relative ease.

ABC   /  

Altitude   /  

Avenue   /  

Banx   /  

Basic Blue   /   Free

Black   /   Free

Black & White   /  

Blank   /   Free

Blow Up   /  

Bootstrap   /   Free

Boutique   /  

Breeze   /  

Cefalus   /  

FOR RW 8 +

Clean Slate   /   Free

Composition   /  

Dawn   /  

Doodle   /   Free

Dusk   /  

Earthquake   /  

FOR RW 8 +

Eclipse   /   Free

Elite   /  

Exposure   /  

Flood   /  

Flourish   /  

Forest   /  

Foton   /  

Fuld   /  

Gala   /   Free

Haze   /  

FOR RW 8 +

Industry   /   Free

Infinite   /  

Lake   /  

Longitude   /  

FOR RW 8 +

Magnetic   /  

FOR RW 8 +

Material   /  

Meadow   /  

Media   /  

Minalicious   /   Free

Mondrian   /  

FOR RW 8 +

Nocturnal   /   Free

Monsoon   /  

Notepad   /  

Ocean   /  

Old Book   /   Free

Out Of The Box   /  

Outline   /  

Paradise   /  

Panoramic   /   Free

Photogenic   /  

Podium   /  

Prestigious   /  

Rainbow   /  

Ratio   /  

Retract   /  

FOR RW 8 +

RWSkinz Framework   /  

Sahara   /   Free

FOR RW 8 +

Serenity   /  

Snow   /  

Solstice   /  

FOR RW 8 +

Spring Pop   /   Free

Stalker   /  

Storm   /  

Stream   /  

Stripped   /  

Summit   /  

FOR RW 8 +

Sunny   /   Free

Tabs   /  

Tornado   /  

Upside Down   /  

Vector   /   Free

Volcano   /  

Wave   /   Free

White   /   Free

Wilderness   /  

Xense   /  

XXL   /  

Theme pricing & discounts

The prices shown on the website include VAT. We attempt to show prices in your local currency. Please click the thumbnail images above to view information about the themes and to access download or purchase links. Negotiable bundle discounts are available on request, if you intend to purchase multiple theme designs.

Installing new themes

The theme designs listed on ThemeFlood require RapidWeaver version 7 or later. Themes get downloaded as .zip files, to your computer. You can safely install new theme designs by double-clicking on them, to extract the zip package. Double-click or drag and drop the .rwtheme file onto your RapidWeaver dock icon, to install the new themes. Once installed, you can open the themes drawer in RapidWeaver to select a theme design and apply it to your project.

Custom themes

We can be hired to create custom RapidWeaver themes to almost any design, complete with your own choice of style and colour settings. Normally within a fast turnaround time and always using the latest in web design and development techniques. With extra emphasis on webpage accessibility and page loading speeds. Please get in touch for details and ask for samples of previously completed projects.