This page lists our current inventory of both free and premium theme designs. Themes are sorted alphabetically on this page. Please click the thumbanils to see a larger preview image of the theme and click the blue 'details' buttons to find out more information about each theme.
  • Altitude

    Formally developed by another theme developer, Altitude has been totally re-written from scratch to incorporate a great many more style and colour variations. This is now a very complete and stable RapidWeaver theme that is ideally suited for lots of different projects. By default, Altitude has a clean and minimalist feel about it. The use of a FreeStyle banner container and bold text give Altitude a distinctive feel. This theme is absolutely ideal for novice RapidWeaver users (or anybody else) wanting a theme that is easy to work with and a theme design that gives professional results fast.

  • Avenue

    Previously developed by another theme company, Avenue maintains it's original chunky design and layout. Several new style and colour settings have been added to make this theme more customisable from within RapidWeaver. Avenue is a particularly good theme to use for internal or public websites that have a lot of written content; like document hubs, dashboards, user guides and blogs. Like all ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes, Avenue is now built upon the Bootstrap frontend framework and also benefits from jQuery 2, Font Awesome icons, Fitvids, ExtraContent, retina.js, a FreeStyle banner container, Nivo Lightbox and several other desirable features that will save you time and money. Avenue is a good little theme if you're new to RapidWeaver.

  • Basic Blue

    A picture of the Basic Blue RapidWeaver Theme

    A popular free RapidWeaver theme, featuring a simple two-column layout. Basic Blue incorporates a basic array of theme style and colour settings. This theme is easy to work with and ideal if you're new to RapidWeaver and seeking a decent addon theme. Of course, 'free' does not mean a compromise on features! Basic Blue includes support for Font Awesome icons, Nivo Lightbox, ExtraContent, the complete Twitter Bootstrap framework, Retina.js and FitVids. These components give you a lot of extra fire-power to build brilliant websites with. As you'd expect, Basic Blue is fully responsive and compatible with all major web browsers.

  • Black

    A picture of the Black RapidWeaver theme

    A wonderfully simple free RapidWeaver theme inspired by some of the basic templates that shipped with the (now deceased) iWeb app a few years ago. The 'light on dark' default colour scheme makes Black absolutely ideal for small photography or portfolio websites. Black is easy to use, but equally it includes lots of expert features like a FreeStyle banner, Twitter Bootstrap, Font Awesome Icons, a lightbox, responsive video and retina images.

  • Black & White

    A picture of the Black & White RapidWeaver theme

    As the name suggests, Black & White is a fairly minimalist RapidWeaver theme with a default black and white colour scheme. First released publicly in October 2006, Black & White has always maintained a strong following with writers, bloggers, artists and photographers wanting a simple yet robust RapidWeaver theme to work with. The high contrasting colour scheme lends itself well to websites which are particularly content-heavy, and the minimalist style gives content that extra bit of breathing space. Features a wide choice of font face options and the ability to toggle between split or block navigation layouts.

  • Blank Theme

    A picture of the Blank RapidWeaver Theme

    Blank theme is a free theme from ThemeFlood. Many people regard this non-flamboyant theme as the original and best 'blank canvas' theme available for RapidWeaver and pre-dates many others available on the market. Blank theme works with all RapidWeaver page types, including Styled Text, HTML Code, Markdown, Stacks and WeaverPix. With this theme, you can build individual pages for things like embedded video or slideshows. Alternatively you can use Bootstrap code snippets or the Stacks plugin to build complete websites. Blank theme works the way you want to work; and you can effortlessly create beautiful pages with drag and drop simplicity.

  • Boutique

    A picture of the Boutique RapidWeaver Theme

    Boutique is a brilliant theme for building bespoke e-commerce websites in RapidWeaver. This theme is based on Longitude, but is optimised for RapidCartPro and RapidSearchPro. Boutique is one of the best themes around for building a highly-customisable simple web store. As you'd expect, Boutique fully complies with all responsive mobile and tablet design guidelines. Embedded web font faces give your written content a crisp and clear appearance. Built-in features like a lightbox, responsive video, retina image support, Font Awesome icons and the complete Twitter Bootstrap framework provide opportunities to experiment with presenting product or service information in new ways. Watch as your sales increase and your website becomes the envy of your competitors!

  • Breeze

    A picture of the Breeze RapidWeaver theme

    A bright and refreshing RapidWeaver theme; featuring an innovative animated drop-down menu system which supports sub-text. Use of embedded web fonts, a tasteful default colour scheme and superior feature set makes Breeze one of the very best RapidWeaver themes available for business, product or service industry websites. Breeze is a fully responsive, mobile-first theme; combining ease of use with exceptional tablet and mobile compatibility. A FreeStyle banner container and flexible grid system (empowered using Bootstrap and ExtraContent) gives you the ability to build beautiful webpages. 40 ExtraContent containers are built into Breeze.

  • Composition

    A picture of the Compsotion RapidWeaver theme

    Composition started out life as a free RapidWeaver theme called 'Aperture', several years ago. It could be claimed that Aperture was the first 'light on dark' theme ever created for RapidWeaver. The original Aperture theme received a rapturous response from many RapidWeaver users, and a large number of feature requests were put forward by users. In 2006, the 'Composition' theme was released; a paid version of Aperture with significantly more features. Since then, Composition has always remained a must-have for many RapidWeaver users, and its popularity has never dwindled. The Composition theme is especially popular with bloggers, artists, film makers and software developers.

  • Dawn

    Featuring an enormous FreeStyle banner container, Dawn is an impressive RapidWeaver theme particularly-well suited for projects where you need to display extra large banners above the page fold. Such projects could include a photography portfolio, websites for artists and e-commerce websites where you want to showoff products at their best. Through use of embedded web fonts and a carefully designed default colour scheme, pages published with Dawn will always attain a professional appearance. An attractive menu system ensures that your website users can swiftly navigate through your website, even if your website spans several levels.

  • Dusk

    A picture of the Dusk RapidWeaver theme

    A highly distinctive and contemporary-styled RapidWeaver theme which is perfectly well suited for use in a variety of different websites. This is a fully responsive, mobile-first RapidWeaver theme; providing exceptional performance and compatibility with a wide range of different web browsers and devices. The bold banner container, user-friendly drop-down menu system and stylish embedded web fonts give completed websites published with Dusk a very professional appearance. Dusk provides a wide choice of theme style and colour settings; granting you the ability to make a number of changes to how this theme looks and behaves. Ten horizontal blocks are built into this theme, giving you the ability to setup text blocks, columns, images or video that span the full width of the page.

  • Flood

    A picture of the Flood RapidWeaver theme

    One of the most popular addon themes ever released for RapidWeaver and currently the most popular theme sold on this website. Flood is a very minimalist-styled theme, placing maximum emphasis on your content. A bountiful array of useful style and colour settings give you the ability to customise the theme and build exceptional websites with it. An elegant animated drop-down menu makes it easy for people to navigate your website. The optional FreeStyle banner container above the page fold allows you to create distinct content to grab the attention of site visitors. Flood is fully responsive and now uses mobile-first rendering. It's the same theme used for the ThemeFlood website.

  • Flourish

    Flourish is a beautifully stylish and flowing RapidWeaver, perfect for business, marketing, blogs and IT websites. This theme is a desirable upgrade for users of RapidWeaver themes like Marketit, who desperately want more style and colour options. The Flourish theme carries a large quantity of style and colour settings to fulfill these needs; making it ideal for both novice and expert RapidWeaver users alike. Applied to any project, Flourish will give you professional results quickly, time and time again; and hopefully help your website flourish!

  • Forest

    Formally the Epiphany theme by another theme developer, Forest is a completely rebuilt RapidWeaver theme sporting all the features and embellishments that professional web designers demand. Built upon the Bootstrap framework, Forest places emphasis on a 'light and airy' layout and bold typography that promotes better content clarity. A simple 2-column content and sidebar configuration combined with 10 ExtraContent containers make Forest a candidate theme for lots of possible projects. Combined with an separate shopping cart addon (like RapidCart Pro), Forest would be absolutely ideal for e-commerce websites (you could display the cart total in ExtraContent2, within the fixed navigation bar at the top).

  • Haze

    A picture of the Haze RapidWeaver theme

    Haze a robust, general-purpose RapidWeaver theme; ideal for blogs, educational and business websites. Basically any project where you need a fast, simple and unobtrusive theme, in which to present written content and rich media. Haze is commonly used as the basis to build customised RapidWeaver themes with. In some respects, Haze is not too dissimilar from the Media RapidWeaver theme in layout or features. However in Haze, the optional banner container is devoid of any overlaying elements (like the site title, slogan or navigation bar). This gives you a useful space above the page fold, to display eye-catching graphics, slideshows or even video. This latest version of Haze uses mobile-first rendering and incorporates Bootstrap, Font Awesome icons, responsive video, retina graphics and lightbox support.

  • Industry

    Formally developed by Jeremy Blaze and Stack Maniac as the 'Alcove' theme, this RapidWeaver theme was renamed to Industry and extensively overhauled in November 2015. Featuring a distinctive steely-grey 'light on dark' colour scheme, Industry also includes the complete Bootstrap frontend framework, the opensource Nivo Lightbox effect, fitvids.js, retina image support, and FreeStyle banners.

  • Lake

    Formally the 'Edge' theme by another developer; Lake is a totally redeveloped theme incorporating numerous style and colour settings. The emphasis of Lake is firmly on simplicity and clean-cut design. Lake is a perfect theme design to reflect business professionalism in many different types of websites; including (but not limited to) marketing, e-commerce or blogs. Webpages published with Lake attain excellent SEO, they load quickly and they scroll without any jerkiness (sometimes caused by an over-use of scrolling, parallax and animation effects). It really is an expertly designed and developed theme that will give years of stella service.

  • Longitude

    A picture of the Longitude RapidWeaver theme

    A mesmerising new RapidWeaver theme; packed-full with ingenious style and layout options. As the name suggests, Longitude is perfectly suited for building wide and eye-catching websites. A distinctive FreeStyle banner container, sleek animated navigation menu, and embedded web fonts combine to make this theme one of the best. A total of 10 horizontal blocks (empowered using the ExtraContent technique) let you break your content up into attractive, full-width containers. Longitude is a mobile-first, fully responsive RapidWeaver theme; providing exceptional results on a broad variety of different screen sizes. Not only does this theme look great, but it renders really quickly too. Every part of Longitude has been meticulously engineered; ranging from cross-browser compatibility, to print output and search engine optimisation. Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome Icons are included as standard, as is responsive video, lightbox and retina image support.

  • Meadow

    Based loosely on the popular Flood RapidWeaver theme, Meadow was developed as a replacement to the Camber RapidWeaver theme, previously developed by another company. From a design perspective, Meadow is 'flat' with a default pastel-green colour scheme for the header region and links. Lots of style and colour settings exist in this theme, allowing you to recolour just about every aspect of the page to suite your own tastes or corporate colour scheme. On screens greater than 996px wide, Meadow has possibly one of the most attractive drop-down menu of any RapidWeaver theme; combining ease of use with appearance. A plentiful selection of 15 ExtraContent containers present new methods for displaying additional page content, links, social media icons and even shopping cart totals (if you're already using a plugin like RapidCart Pro). The default 'Montserrat' embedded font face gives text a slight informal, cursive feel; without the dangers of using Comic Sans!

  • Media

    A picture of the Media RapidWeaver theme

    Recently updated, Media is a simple yet solid multipurpose RapidWeaver theme. A broad range of customisable theme style and colour settings are built into Media, giving you the convenience and ease to build excellent websites. To this day, Media remains one of the most popular and widely used addon RapidWeaver themes in existence. Regular free updates have continued to give Media a competitive edge over many other themes. The latest version now uses mobile-first rendering and incorporates premium features like Bootstrap, retina images, responsive video, lightbox support and Font Awesome icons. Certainly a dependable theme you can use time and time again for many different projects.

  • Monsoon

    A picture of the Monsoon RapidWeaver theme

    This theme is primarily intended to offer a simple yet robust framework to build a broad variety of websites with. Many style and colour settings are offered in Monsoon, to make a wide number of theme customisations possible for both novice and elite RapidWeaver users, who demand quick, professional results. Choose between a single or double horizontal navigation bar, customise the header with your own images and change aspects like sidebar position, body background and theme width.

  • Ocean

    A picture of the Ocean RapidWeaver theme

    Built on the success of the Flood RapidWeaver theme, Ocean continues the trend of providing RapidWeaver users with a minimalist and robust theme design, with near endless opportunities to customise. Ocean is a perfect choice of theme for anyone seeking a clean and professional RapidWeaver theme, without having to skimp on functionality or performance. It provides the basic tools necessary to build stunning websites, and Ocean provides a really fresh and exciting new RapidWeaver theme.

  • Paradise

    A beautifully minimalist and sultry-styled RapidWeaver theme. Paradise is built on the Bootstrap frontend framework and is a fully responsive RapidWeaver theme; ideally suited towards the construction of simple travel websites and blogs. However support for social media and a RapidCart Pro shopping cart placed in any of the 10 ExtraContent containers also makes this theme highly suitable for e-commerce and many other types of website.

  • Photogenic

    A picture of the Photogenic RapidWeaver theme

    A stunning, distinctive and highly customisable RapidWeaver theme with a minimalist taste. Photogenic started as a free RapidWeaver theme called Natural World. Many feature requests were put forward and so the theme was further developed into a full, premium theme for RapidWeaver. No compromises have been made during the development of this theme, and Photogenic boasts a comprehensive list of professional features, some of which have not been seen in a RapidWeaver theme before.

  • Snow

    A picture of the Snow RapidWeaver theme

    RapidWeaver themes don't always have to feature jazzy colour schemes and flashy animations! Sometimes people want a fairly subdued and minimalist-styled theme which puts maximum emphasis back on content. Snow is exactly that; a cool, crisp and contemporary-styled theme which does away with complicated layouts and styling. This theme is absolutely perfect for blogs and creative writers; basically anyone wanting to get back to basics and in need of a durable and performance-optimised RapidWeaver theme.

    Newer versions of Snow are now fully responsive, and optimised for both tablet and smart phone devices. This means that as the browser window is made narrower, aspects of the page layout change. For example, the horizontal navigation menu reforms as a toggle navigation menu and the main page container scales down in size (without ugly horizontal scroll bars appearing).

  • Solstice

    A picture of the Solstice RapidWeaver theme

    Solstice is a RapidWeaver theme that celebrates the summer. This new theme uses a sultry colour scheme by default, flat design and a vivid banner container at the top for beautiful full-width panoramic photographs or other artwork. It's a theme that really captivates the outdoors, and would be a perfect choice of design for many different types of website.

    Alongside a broad range of powerful theme style, colour and layout settings, Solstice incorporates a parallax-style header bar region that reduces in size when the page is scrolled. Icons can be placed on the parent links, of the animated drop-down menu. Expert RapidWeaver users can take advantage of Bootstrap 3, FreeStyle, RAFT and Font Awesome support, built directly into the theme. As you would expect, Solstice is fully responsive and displays wonderfully well across a wide range of devices and different web browsers as far back as IE7.

  • Splash

    A picture of the Splash RapidWeaver theme

    Splash is the perfect RapidWeaver theme for building promotional product or service pre-launch webpages, call to action signups, crowd-funding pages, forms and questionnaires, login screens, multilingual landing pages, and utilitarian webpages like custom 'error 404' pages or redirects. As the name suggests, Splash is designed exclusively for building single webpages which require no form of navigation and the bare-minimum of components. Splash has support for full-screen FreeStyle background images, slideshows or video. Many useful settings are provided to customise the complete style and behaviour of your completed page.

  • Storm

    A picture of the Storm RapidWeaver theme

    This is a particularly bold RapidWeaver theme with emphasis on professional web font faces, a highly customisable FreeStyle header container and a completely fluid page layout. A simple animated fly-out navigation layout has been deployed, enabling end-users to quickly navigate websites built with Storm. Under the surface, you'll find lots of very useful theme style and colour settings available; giving you the ability to customise a great many aspects of the theme and build exceptional websites of professional quality.

  • Stream

    A picture of the Stream RapidWeaver theme

    Something a bit different. Stream is a magazine-style theme for RapidWeaver, making it ideally suited towards content-heavy websites. This theme purposefully opts for a more condensed style, so you can fit more content on pages and require less scrolling. Like a page in a magazine, content is designed to be split-up into smaller blocks or columns. Headings and floating images or video allow you to create sophisticated page designs, which remain friendly and easy for people to read. A simple navigation system is used in this theme, so completed websites are easy for your visitors to navigate.

  • Summit

    Summit was previously the 'Integral' theme developed by StackManiac and Jermey Blazé. As well as a name change, Summit has been totally rewritten from scratch on the Bootstrap framework and now incorporates a great many more theme style and colour settings. The emphasis of Summit is very much on typography; and by default we use some attractive Google embedded web fonts for the headings, navigation and body content (these can be edited and swapped for your own, as documented in the Wiki). Summit is a particularly attractive theme to use for websites which are content-heavy or for e-commerce websites (the RapidCart Pro plugin sold separately works particularly well in this theme). A large FreeStyle banner container graces the top of the page to grab the attention of your website users; and can support an unlimited number of static images, a simple slider or even video. Just about every colour shown can be customised in this theme using simple colour pickers in the theme settings.

  • Tornado

    A picture of the Tornado RapidWeaver theme

    Despite the name, this is a theme that doesn't suck! The Storm RapidWeaver theme has proven to be very popular and a common feature request from many people has often been for a 'fixed' sidebar on the left and support for scroll-spy. Unfortunately due to the mechanics of how Storm works, this sort of configuration has never been feasible. So the decision was taken to branch Storm out into a brand new theme called Tornado. This vertically-orientated theme is absolutely perfect for smaller websites like personal homepages, photography portfolios and simple business, marketing or e-commerce websites.

  • Torrent

    A picture of the Torrent RapidWeaver theme

    Torrent is a bright and vibrant RapidWeaver theme which lends itself well towards the creation of great, modern websites. This would be a perfect choice of theme for software, marketing, design, or business websites. It is another theme which breaks the mould and goes beyond a standard 2-column layout. Although it looks quite complex theme on the surface, Torrent is actually easy to master. Development on the Torrent theme started in September 2010. During this period the theme has been used in several live websites for clients. Some expert RapidWeaver users (people using RapidWeaver daily to manage and build commercial websites) have also heavily influenced the design and development of this exciting new theme. Torrent is compatible with RapidWeaver 5 and RapidWeaver 6.

  • Volcano

    A picture of the Volcano RapidWeaver theme

    A molten-hot colour scheme, fluid layout and a ground-breaking feature set combine to make Volcano a brilliant new RapidWeaver theme; ideally suited towards use in business, marketing, software, and e-commerce websites. Not only does Volcano look great on the surface, but this responsive theme functions brilliantly well on desktop browsers, tablets, smartphones and even print output. The speed, flexibility and customisability of Volcano has to be seen to be believed; so be sure to take a look at the live website built using Volcano and download the free demo version.

    Volcano has been meticulously engineered from start to finish. Inside this highly customisable theme, you can change all aspects of the colour scheme, easily switch navigation layouts, change the physical structure of pages with up-to 27 ExtraContent containers, create fixed footer containers and setup immersive banner containers in just a few clicks. Like all other premium ThemeFlood themes, Volcano provides plenty of useful style settings to do all the basics. Built-in support for the complete Bootstrap toolkit, embedded web fonts and Font Awesome Icons elevate the possibilities of this theme even higher.

  • White

    A picture of the White RapidWeaver theme

    White is based on the free Black theme; but as the name suggests, it uses a lighter default colour scheme. White makes use of a gorgeous serif embedded web font face (Alegreya) for headings and body content. This makes the White theme particularly apt for personal homepages, simple blogs, small photography or portfolio websites or creative writing. However White is the sort of theme that can be applied to various projects. White is effortless to use, but equally it includes lots of expert features like a FreeStyle banner container, the Twitter Bootstrap framework, Font Awesome Icons, a powerful lightbox effect, responsively scaled video and support for retina images.

  • Wilderness

    A picture of the Wilderness RapidWeaver theme

    Wilderness offers a simple yet sophisticated theme; which has always been a popular choice for users seeking a subtle colour scheme and contemporary styling. A strong title bar, vivid banner container and blocks of content make for an appealing page design. Many aspects of Wilderness are customisable, and this theme lends itself well towards blogs and business websites. Users can choose between a split or block navigation layout – both of which offer easy page navigation for end users. Now uses an HTML5 Doctype and remains a rock-solid theme with all major web browsers.