RapidWeaver themes to make your creativity flow!

Established in 2006, ThemeFlood hosts one of the largest collections of RapidWeaver themes. Used by over 25,000 people; our theme designs are modern and highly flexible. We provide a number of solutions ranging from free easy-to-use themes (perfect for novice users) through to premium paid themes (crammed full with loads of colour and style settings) and a complete custom theme and modification service for individual clients.

The thumbnail images presented below represent the latest inventory of free and premium RapidWeaver theme designs available from ThemeFlood. These theme designs are sorted into alphabetical order. Clicking thumbnails will take you through to the theme product pages; from where you can read details about each theme design, access example websites published using the themes and download or purchase copies of the themes. Free demo versions are provided for all premium themes, so you can try before you buy!

Altitude   /   £15.00

Avenue   /   £15.00

Basic Blue   /   Free

Black   /   Free

Black & White   /   £15.00

Blank   /   Free

Bootstrap   /   Free

Boutique   /   £20.00

Breeze   /   £15.00

Composition   /   £15.00

Dawn   /   £15.00

Doodle   /   Free

Dusk   /   £20.00

Earthquake   /   £20.00

Flood   /   £20.00

Flourish   /   £15.00

Forest   /   £15.00

Gala   /   Free

Haze   /   £15.00

Industry   /   £15.00

Lake   /   £15.00

Longitude   /   £20.00

Meadow   /   £15.00

Media   /   £15.00

Minalicious   /   Free

Monsoon   /   £15.00

Ocean   /   £20.00

Old Book   /   Free

Paradise   /   £15.00

Panoramic   /   Free

Photogenic   /   £20.00

Sahara   /   Free

Snow   /   £15.00

Solstice   /   £20.00

Splash   /   £10.00

Storm   /   £20.00

Summit   /   £15.00

Tornado   /   £20.00

Vector   /   Free

Volcano   /   £20.00

Wave   /   Free

White   /   Free

Wilderness   /   £15.00

A little about ThemeFlood...

Many individuals and businesses need an online presence (in the form of a website), but frequently hit the barrier of finding web design / development very complicated. Aditionally the cost and effort of finding a trustworthy web developer to build websites can sometimes prove too prohibitive for many. RapidWeaver provides a low-cost 'do it yourself' solution for getting quality webpages online rapidly. Many find RapidWeaver to be the best desktop software for publishing small to medium sized websites.

ThemeFlood is one of several companies providing additional addon RapidWeaver theme designs (templates) that can assist you in building beautiful webpages that convey professionalism at every level. Whether you're building websites for yourself or on behalf of your own clients, ThemeFlood themes can provide solutions to help your creativity flow!

Established in 2006, the ThemeFlood project provides a wide choice of different theme designs; all of which are expertly designed, developed and tested. The themes provided through this website are intended to suit all skill levels. A lot of effort is made to break the perception that themes are "too limited"; therefore our designs provide ample scope for modification using built-in style, layout and colour settings.

The supply of ready-made theme designs is just one of many services offered. ThemeFlood can modify existing themes or can create completely new themes to your exact designs or specifications (please see the custom services page for more details).

Much of the success of the ThemeFlood project is based around the reputation of fast and friendly one-to-one support provided; whether it's help with choosing a theme for a specific project, theme modification, general troubleshooting or post-publication testing. Feel free to get in contact via the support page to chat about your next project.

Why use ThemeFlood themes?

Some of the reasons why ThemeFlood themes remain so popular with thousands of happy users worldwide:

  • Conventional themes that work exactly the way themes are intended to be used inside RapidWeaver
  • Full compatibility with RapidWeaver 5, 6 and 7, plus all major web browsers like IE10+, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox
  • Emphasis on important factors like faster page loading, search engine optimisation, better website accessibility and improved print / PDF output
  • Lots of bonus features built seamlessly into themes, like Lightbox support, retina images, icon sets and responsive video
  • All themes are mobile responsive; therefore ensuring completed webpages reflow to fit different handheld devices (no need to build different websites for different devices)
  • Ability to use themes with all RapidWeaver page types and numerous addons from other developers
  • A broad array of customisable settings are offered in the premium theme designs, like intuitive colour pickers, layout options, style settings and custom banners
  • Fast and friendly customer support direct from the developer, including a theme modification service and testing
  • Free theme updates
  • Valid HTML5 markup in all themes to reflect above-average coding quality and modern web development practices
  • All themes are built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework; by-far the most popular frontend web development framework
  • We don't pay to promote themes elsewhere, so these savings are passed onto you.

Not just themes! A separate website was created named Stacks4Stacks. As the name suggests, Stacks4Stacks hosts a huge collection of free and paid individual stack elements, for the Stacks plugin. These stacks compliment ThemeFlood themes perfectly and can elevate your creativity even further.


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