The 2022 Promo
For Black Friday and Cyber Monday
22% off ANY theme or stack. Everything is included. No minimal purchase. No coupon code needed (the discounted price is already applied for you at the checkout).
This offer is valid between 22nd and 30th November 2022.

Have you purchased anything at the full (non-promo) price from me in 2022? Please forward your purchase receipt before 30th November and request your FREE complimentary copies of the new NavGrid and TouchNav stacks, a combined total of $30!
Since 2006, I have specialised in designing and developing quality RapidWeaver themes. The free themes are an ideal entry-level route for anybody new to RapidWeaver and just getting started. The paid "premium" themes offer phenomenal power to deploy expert-grade websites you can be proud of. Themes provide a structured drag-and-drop system towards building a website in RapidWeaver. A good theme takes care of all the complicated coding and testing for you. The general idea of a theme is to try and save you time and money. Contrary to what some wrongly say, most themes are extensively customisable - through letting you change aspects like the page layout, font faces, banner images, colours and background images - so you can really make things "look your own" with relative ease. I want to share a few other benefits you have of using my themes:

  • Fast and friendly expert support direct from the developer (that's me)!
  • All questions answered relating to simple theme modifications, custom CSS code, HTML markup, PHP code snippets and Javascript code.
  • Updates to periodically introduce new features and compatibility improvements.
  • Free audits and honest feedback on published websites, including SEO, accessibility, loading speeds, user privacy, social media etc.
  • Access to over $100 USD worth of complimentary stacks to use with my themes.
  • Free trial versions, so you can "try before your buy" and assure yourself what you are getting is going to work.
  • Use my themes on all websites / domains you manage. No hidden subscriptions or "pay per domain" rates. Just a flat $30 USD per theme.

You can read some of my testimonials here on Trust Pilot. If you have any questions about my RapidWeaver themes, please get in touch. My current inventory of RapidWeaver themes is listed below. Clicking on a thumbnail image takes you through to the main product page for that theme, from where you can access its documentation, live demo site and download links etc.

ABC   /   $30 USD

Altitude   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Asymmetric   /   Free

Avenue   /   $30 USD

Banx   /   $30 USD

Basic Blue   /   Free

Black   /   Free

Black & White   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Blank   /   Free

Blow Up   /   $30 USD

Bootstrap   /   Free

Boutique   /   $30 USD

Breeze   /   $30 USD

Cefalus   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Clean Slate   /   Free

FOR RW 8 +

Composition   /   Free

FOR RW 8 +

Creamy   /   $30 USD

Dawn   /   $30 USD

Doodle   /   Free

Dusk   /   $30 USD

Earthquake   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Eclipse   /   Free

Elite   /   $30 USD

Exposure   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Flare   /   $30 USD

Flood   /   $30 USD

Flourish   /   $30 USD

Forest   /   $30 USD

Foton   /   $30 USD

Fuld   /   $30 USD

Gala   /   Free

Glide   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Half & Half   /   $30 USD

Haze   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Industry   /   Free

Infinite   /   $30 USD

Lake   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Magnetic   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Material   /   Free

Meadow   /   $30 USD

Media   /   $30 USD

Minalicious   /   Free

Mirage   /   $30 USD

Mondrian   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Nocturnal   /   Free

Monsoon   /   $30 USD

Notepad   /   $30 USD

Ocean   /   $30 USD

Old Book   /   Free

Out Of The Box   /   $30 USD

Outline   /   $30 USD

Paradise   /   $30 USD

Panoramic   /   Free

FOR RW 8 +

Paper   /   Free

Photogenic   /   $30 USD

Podium   /   $30 USD

Prestigious   /   $30 USD

Qube   /   $30 USD

Rainbow   /   $30 USD

Ratio   /   $30 USD

Retract   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

RWSkinz   /   $30 USD

Sahara   /   Free

FOR RW 8 +

Serenity   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Simplicity   /   Free

Snow   /   $30 USD

Solstice   /   $30 USD

Spatial   /   Free

FOR RW 8 +

Spring Pop   /   Free

Stalker   /   $30 USD

Storm   /   $30 USD

Stream   /   $30 USD

Stripped   /   $30 USD

Studio   /   $30 USD

Summit   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Sunny   /   Free

FOR RW 8 +

Supporty   /   Free

Sytten   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Table   /   Free

Tabs   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Torrent   /   $30 USD

Tornado   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Tungsten   /   Free

FOR RW 8 +

Upside Down   /   $30 USD

Vector   /   Free

Volcano   /   $30 USD

Wave   /   Free

White   /   Free

Wilderness   /   $30 USD

Xense   /   $30 USD


XXL   /   $30 USD

FOR RW 8 +

Zen   /   Free

Theme Prices

To keep things simple, I only provide two pricing levels for my RapidWeaver themes designs. Very basic themes are provided for free, but I would prefer a donation if you like using them or you want to turn off my credits. The "premium grade" themes are all a flat rate of $30 USD each. These are delivered digitally to you via email.

Again I should emphasise that when you buy my themes, you are not just getting "a theme"! You are buying access into some terrific support and other resources, which is very hard to put a price on.

Installing New Themes

Most of the themes I list here on my website need RapidWeaver 7 or above. Increasingly I am starting to release or update a few themes that need RapidWeaver 8 or above (these are marked accordingly). Themes download in .zip format. Uncompress the file (if your computer does not do it for you). With your mouse, drag and drop the theme file onto your RapidWeaver dock icon. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation. Once installed, you can open the themes drawer in RapidWeaver to select a theme design and apply it to your project. More information is published here.

Custom Themes

Can't find what you are looking for here? I can be hired to create custom RapidWeaver themes to almost any design, complete with your own choice of style and colour settings. I can work from existing websites, stock templates or mockups made with Photoshop, Affinity Designer etc. I can also rebuild RapidWeaver websites or carry out other maintenance tasks for you. Custom themes are coded to the highest standards using a modern mix of stable web development technologies. With extra emphasis placed on accessibility, SEO and page loading speeds. Please get in touch for details.