A passion for all things RapidWeaver

I started ThemeFlood during October 2006, with just three theme designs for RapidWeaver 3. It became apparent that there was strong demand for even more theme designs. But most importantly, a lot of people wanted to buy themes that they knew were well-supported and which the developer (me) was happy to lend a hand with modifying. Since the early days, the choice of theme designs I've developed has steadily increased year-on-year. Numerous new design techniques and trends have been incorporated along the way, like support for responsive behaviour, embedded font faces, HTML5 and all-sorts of other wonderful things that can really empower a quality website. But most importantly, the underpinning aspect of excellent customer support has remained.

Alongside ThemeFlood, I also created a new company called Stacks4Stacks; which focuses exclusively on the development of stack elements for the Yourhead Stacks plugin. In July 2015 I took over another business called StackManiac. In August 2016, I took over seyDesign, RWExtras and a significant part of Nimblehost themes and stacks. And in July 2017 I took over Henk Vrieselaar RapidWeaver themes.

So why am I still developing for RapidWeaver after all these years? Mostly for two reasons:

  1. RapidWeaver is still, by-far, one of the best entry-level website builders available that you can buy. RapidWeaver has surpassed Freeway, Macaw, iWeb, Kompozer and countless other publishing platforms. For under $100, RapidWeaver gives you the key to build a stunning website. For many individuals and companies, a quality website is often the most important asset they have.
  2. I love the community buzz that RapidWeaver has. RapidWeaver users are some of the most interesting and friendly people. We often share common values and love the work we do. It is extremely rewarding to see people use your addons in actual websites, and even better when you get some positive feedback or friendly banter.

Why are ThemeFlood themes different?

Some of the reasons why ThemeFlood themes remain so popular with thousands of users worldwide:
  • Every theme developed is responsive - so the same website and content displays on desktop, tablet and mobile (no need to build different websites for different devices)
  • Free demo version are provided for all the paid themes; allowing you to 'try before you buy'
  • Free access to a brilliant knowledgebase, covering just about everything there is to know about ThemeFlood themes
  • These are conventional themes that work exactly the way themes are intended to be used inside RapidWeaver
  • Full compatibility with RapidWeaver 6 and 7, plus all major web browsers like IE10+, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox
  • Emphasis on important factors like faster page loading, search engine optimisation, better website accessibility and improved print / PDF output
  • Lots of bonus features built seamlessly into themes, like lightbox support, retina images, icon sets and responsive video
  • Ability to use themes with all RapidWeaver page types and numerous addons from other developers
  • A broad array of customisable settings are offered in the premium theme designs, like intuitive colour pickers, layout options, style settings and custom banners
  • Free theme updates, which often include new features, settings and important compatibility or bug fixes
  • Valid HTML5 markup in all themes to reflect above-average coding quality and modern web development practices
  • All themes are built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework; by-far the most popular frontend web development framework
  • I refuse to pay to advertise, affiliate or promote themes elsewhere, so these savings are passed directly onto you

Ways I can help you further

With over a decade of experience working with RapidWeaver (and all the associated web technologies that follow), I may be a useful contact and asset to you. Theme modifications and development of new custom theme designs is a job I'm frequently tasked with. I've also helped users with other website aspects; like addon modifications, search engine optimisation, web browser compatibility, accessibility and security audits, web hosting and domain names, social media and various other things. If you have a project in-mind or something you require some help with, please don't hesitate to get in contact. Working as a freelancer, my rates and turnaround timescales are extremely competitive; in comparison with larger agencies. I'm always happy to provide free and honest advice, under no obligation.