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Theme name: Avenue
Theme designer: Will Woodgate
Current version: 4.1
Last updated: 21st May 2018
First released: 21st January 2013
Compatibility: RapidWeaver 7 & 8
GDPR / DSGVO / CCPA compliant: Yes
Responsive: Yes
Doctype: Valid HTML5
Font Awesome version: 5.0.13
Bootstrap version: 4.1.1
Usage agreement: Click for details
Example website: View online
Download example website: Click here

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Previously developed by another theme company, Avenue maintains it's original chunky design and layout. Several new style and colour settings have been added to make this theme more customisable from within RapidWeaver. Avenue is a particularly good theme to use for internal or public websites that have a lot of written content; like document hubs, dashboards, user guides and blogs. Like all ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes, Avenue is now built upon the Bootstrap frontend framework and also benefits from jQuery 2, Font Awesome icons, Fitvids, ExtraContent, retina.js, a FreeStyle banner container, Nivo Lightbox and several other desirable features that will save you time and money. Avenue is a good little theme if you're new to RapidWeaver.

A more unusual feature in Avenue (which we've preserved in this latest update) is the toggle navigation menu that slides-in from the lefthand side of the page. Admittedly its not going to win any awards for usability, but depending on your client base, it could make for a very nice feature in your completed website. A growing number of website users know what the 'hamburger' icon means, and we've added settings to enable the menu to be permanently displayed too.


Avenue displays brilliantly well across a wide range of different devices, ranging from small smartphones right up to large cinematic retina displays. Responsive means that the theme design will respond and adapt to different screen sizes. Using a responsive RapidWeaver theme like Avenue means you can avoid building and managing multiple versions of websites for different screen sizes. Instead, everyone sees the same website regardless of screen size.

Style settings

Version 2.0 of Avenue has introduced a great many more style and colour settings. These are provided so that you can easily customise all common aspects of the theme design, without needing to edit any graphics or CSS code. For example, you may already have a logo image or corporate branding, which you wish to emulate the colours of in your completed website.

FreeStyle enabled

The banner region in Avenue is FreeStyle enabled. Think of FreeStyle as a blank canvas, into which you can add any image, slideshow or video of your choice! As the name suggests, FreeStyle promises freedom through creativity. Avenue already includes 20 example images named between 1.jpg and 20.jpg in the theme contents. If you refer to the article in the Wiki about FreeStyle, you can learn how to display these images using simple HTML code snippets. When it comes to adding your own static images, it can be as easy as dragging and dropping an image named header.jpg, banner.jpg or freestyle.jpg into your styled text sidebar (on any page type). Avenue will then automatically embed your image within the banner area.

Faster pages

Speed is an important factor in modern web design. Sluggish websites typically gravitate people away and search engines recognise this, from an SEO perspective. Avenue is one of the most optimised RapidWeaver themes currently available anywhere, with much emphasis on building streamlined pages which load quickly and with less bandwidth.

Optimised for RapidCart Pro

RapidCart Pro is the new e-commerce plugin for RapidWeaver 6 that everyone is talking about. This excellent new plugin by 4gnd (not included with the purchase of the theme) provides the most flexible shopping cart system available for RapidWeaver. This theme includes some special code and additional ExtraContent placeholders to display the shopping cart quantity or shopping cart total in your RapidCart Pro page. This automatically updates when customers add or remove items to their cart. The code snippet to achieve this functionality is fully documented in the Knowledgebase. RapidCart Pro generates its own right-floating sidebar container, so we provide option in this theme to hide the normal RapidWeaver sidebar. As well as brilliant compatibility with RapidCart Pro, this theme should work fine with a majority of other RapidWeaver shopping cart stacks and plugins, including the standard version of RapidCart, JunkieCart, WeaverPix and various other newer RapidWeaver addons. The free demo version of this theme allows you to test the theme against real addons and content.


The free trial version of Avenue can be downloaded using this link. There is no time limit imposed on the demo version, but page navigation links are disabled in the demo version. Watermarks may appear in parts of the page (like the banner or footer). Purchasing Avenue provides you with a licensed copy of Avenue; without any demo restrictions applied.

Clicking this link will take you to a sample website published using Avenue. This may give you a better insight into how this theme looks and behaves. If you're interested to see how the demo website was built, the same project file can be downloaded here and opened in RapidWeaver. Feel free to use this file as the basis for a new website.

If you have any other questions about Avenue, please don't hesitate to get touch.