Black Friday Promo

Monday 20th November 2023

By popular demand, I’m doing a little Black Friday promo. Simply 33% off all themes and stacks between now and 1st December 2023. Use the free demo version links on the website, and if you like what you see in RapidWeaver, just checkout in the normal way. No minimal spend or promo code is needed. Everything is RapidWeaver Classic and Stacks 5 compatible.

I also have some slots available in December for any freelance web development work or consulting you need. Including things like RapidWeaver troubleshooting, website publishing, search engine optimisation, accessibility and privacy audits, custom themes or stacks, databases, coding and more. Feel free to get in touch through my website with some details of what you’re needing help with, and I’ll reply quickly with some ideas and a cost.

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Promo

Monday 21st November 2022

By request, I’m offering a discount off all my RapidWeaver themes and stacks. Anything purchased from Stacks4Stacks and ThemeFlood between 22nd November and 30th November will have a 22% discount applied at the checkout.

To keep things simple…

  • The 22% discount is already applied at the checkout for you. There is no promo code you need to enter yourself.
  • No minimum purchase value or quantity. So you can mix and match themes or stacks of any value.
  • Free trial versions remain available for everything. Just be sure to complete your purchase before 30th November if you want the discounted price.
  • Fast and friendly support remains available if you have any questions about themes or stacks.

As mentioned before, I’ve never been a big fan of Black Friday events. I get the impression they were invented by big US retailers to clear all their unsold inventory piled high in warehouses, prior to more container loads of throw-away junk coming in from China for the next year! It’s not really a business model I think suits RapidWeaver add-ons all that well. I already provide more free add-ons and support than any other RapidWeaver developer does, making discounting hard to justify. But the reality is that just about every retailer now does some-sort of promotion about now, so it has come to be expected.

So to compensate, I’m offering anybody who has purchased any themes or stacks from me (at their full, non-discounted price) in 2022 free copies of the new NavGrid and TouchNav stacks. Just a small way of saying “thanks” for your support and longer-term loyalty. Just contact me (via email, Discord or Mastodon) on the support page, attach a proof of purchase and a covering note. If you’re eligible, I’ll get copies of both stacks sent over to you.


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Eclipse updated to version 4.1

Thursday 29th July 2021

Changes in this update include:

  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 5.15.2.
  • Updated jQuery Javascript to version 3.6.0.
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 5.0.2.
  • Added a checkbox in the theme miscellaneous style settings to hide my designer credit, if you have already paid a mandatory donation.
  • Moved the ExtraContent previewing option into its own group of theme style settings, to improve consistency with other themes.
  • Updated the project file for Eclipse to include some more examples of the social media buttons in ExtraContent 2.
  • Links in ExtraContent 2 are no longer underlined.

You can learn more about Eclipse by clicking this link here.

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Introducing the new Zen theme for RapidWeaver

Thursday 1st July 2021

A continuation of what I discussed on Twitter a couple of weeks back.

I was challenged to take an “ancient” RapidWeaver theme (Japanese Fantasy) by a user, and totally overhaul and redevelop the theme to modern standards. The new Zen theme is the resulting outcome of this coding experiment. Since then, a couple of other people have reached out to me for a copy, and told me it worked brilliantly for them too.

Key features of Zen:

  • Fully mobile responsive and compatible with all newer web browsers.
  • Coded to the very latest HTML5 and CSS standards.
  • 3 accent colours red (default), green and blue.
  • Supports dragged and dropped banner images in the Page Inspector.
  • Several sizing options for things like breakpoints, padding and font sizing.
  • Change the positioning of titles, slogans, navigation and sidebars.
  • 10 ExtraContent containers.
  • Bootstrap 5 and Font Awesome Icons included.
  • Kaushan Script embedded fonts for headings.
  • Excellent accessibility standards for end users.
  • Compliant with important privacy laws, like GDPR & DSVGO.

Zen is provided as a free download. But if you like the theme or you want to disable the credits, please consider making a small donation to compensate for my time. Zen is almost an entirely new theme with few elements, graphics, or code reused from the original Japanese Fantasy theme.

Learn more…

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Elite theme updated to version 3.2

Thursday 1st July 2021

Changes in Elite 3.2 for RapidWeaver include…

  • Bootstrap 5 support.
  • Updated Font Awesome Free icons to version 5.15.2.
  • Updated jQuery to version 3.6.0.
  • Any links with a class of ‘social-link’ will no longer receive text underlining.
  • New miscellaneous style setting marked 'Title / Slogan Below Banner, On Desktop’.
  • New miscellaneous style setting marked 'Nav Menu Below Banner, On Desktop’ (pictured below).

This is a free update for recent Elite theme users. You can download it from your Paddle account, via the Waterfall plugin in RapidWeaver, or RapidWeaver itself may prompt you to install the update. Alternatively get in touch with a copy of your receipt via email, if you are still looking for the update.

Like using the Elite theme? Please consider giving it a “like” and a quick review on the RapidWeaver addons website.

Learn more…

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Qube 6.0 now available

Tuesday 29th June 2021

I’m pleased to announce the re-release of the Qube theme for RapidWeaver this morning; formally designed and developed by Jonathan Head of Nimblehost. Quite a number of changes have been made in this newest Qube version, including the following…

  • Bootstrap 5 support.
  • Updated Font Awesome Free icons to version 5.15.2.
  • Updated jQuery to version 3.3.
  • Removed page loading effects to improve addon compatibility.
  • Various improvements to the theme navigation.
  • Change ‘last published’ and 'currently viewing’ footer labels more easily with CSS.
  • Renamed and reordered a few theme style and colour settings.
  • Colour pickers now support RGBa transparency.
  • More page width settings to choose from.
  • New checkbox option to apply RW banners to the page body and ExtraContainer3.

The latest version is available to download from your Paddle account, via Waterfall, or via automatic updates in RapidWeaver (if this works for you). Eligibility for free updates outside of those methods requires email proof of purchase, a link to a published website made with Qube and a review on the RapidWeaver community addons website.

To summarise, Qube is a solid, conventional RapidWeaver theme. It puts emphasis on making highly-polished websites quickly; taking care of all the complexities for you, while still giving you a lot of creative freedom. It really is a bargain at only $30; especially when you factor-in the level of technical support available too!

Learn more…

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Retract updated to version 4.1.0

Sunday 27th June 2021

Changes in this free theme update for RapidWeaver include:

  • Content and sidebar now use CSS flexbox positioning, with improved options to customise the placement of the sidebar on mobile and desktop.
  • Added a text label of ’Menu’ alongside the hamburger menu icon, to improve usability. This can be disabled in the theme miscellaneous style settings if not required. Or you can change it to read something different, by following the instructions I wrote on the Retract theme product page.
  • Moved the option to preview theme ExtraContent containers into its own group.
  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 5.15.3.
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 5.0.2.
  • Updated jQuery to version 3.6.0.

You can download this theme update from your Paddle account or using the Waterfall / RapidWeaver theme update checker. Alternatively, send me an email with recent proof of purchase attached.

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Two new free themes to end 2020

Thursday 24th December 2020

Let’s try to end 2020 on a high! Two new themes have been added to the ThemeFlood website, just in time for Christmas.


The Simplicity theme does as the name suggests in offering an extremely minimalist theme design. This would be great to use for a photography portfolio, creative writing websites or even a simple e-commerce setup. Various style, layout and font options exist in this theme. Simplicity provides you the choice of placing the navigation bar at either the top or bottom of the page, with ExtraContent1 providing a perfect space for social media buttons.


The second theme is called Table. It’s a rather old fashioned theme design, but one that is coded to modern standards and still holds a lot of relevance in various projects. Like Simplicity, it has a wide choice of style, colour and font settings. 12 style presets are built in.

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Black Friday

Friday 27th November 2020

40% off all themes and stacks.

Use the optional coupon code blackfriday at the checkout (watch how) if you want this discount.

Owing to the reduced income and difficult lockdown predicaments many of us are trapped under, this year the promotion is slightly different and will run continually until 1st January 2021.

Plenty of brand new and freshly updated addons for you to go and explore too! Some exciting things including…

Have you purchased something from me at full price sometime between 1st January 2020 and 27th November 2020? I don’t want you to feel disappointed seeing it on offer today. Please forward a copy of your purchase receipt via email and a covering note. I’ll gladly send you a 100% coupon code for MouseReveal, LoremUtility, ActionHost and Torrent (a combined total of stacks and themes worth $75).

Plus, have you been made redundant or considering changing your career as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic this year? I have 50 copies of the Exposure theme up for grabs, on a first come first served basis. A great theme for building your own “personal brand” webpage, to get the attention of future employers or clients. And lots of other uses besides. Please email me for a special coupon code if you are interested. All I ask for in exchange is you write a review about the theme or share a link to what you have made with the theme on social media.

Throughout December, I am working on updating and re-releasing some of the most popular former @nimblehost  themes, starting already with Creamy and Mirage. These timeless theme designs will gradually be making an appearance on the ThemeFlood website. Beautiful themes to work with. So please keep checking back to monitor the progress of these releases. Check your Paddle account to see if you’re eligible for these free updates.

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Paper is a new, free theme

Wednesday 5th August 2020

The Paper theme was released a short time ago. Another free RapidWeaver theme added to the ThemeFlood collection.

Key features include:

  • Subtle textured background, for a “less flat“ appearance.
  • Crimson Text embedded font face.
  • Over 20 colour pickers, with RGBa support.
  • Modern, mobile-first, CSS flexbox page layout.
  • Sticky footer, useful for pages with little content.
  • Latest versions of Bootstrap and Font Awesome Icons.
  • 10 ExtraContent containers.
  • Compatible with Stacks and other simple page types like styled text, HTML code and Markdown.
  • For RapidWeaver 8 and above.

This theme is very novice friendly! Paper could be a good canvas to create a personal homepage, a simple webstore or an online showcase.

The demo site shows an example of a stack called MouseReveal. This stack isn’t currently for sale yet, but will be released soon.

Learn more…

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Boutique theme updated to version 4

Thursday 16th July 2020

An ideal theme to use in conjunction with e-commerce plugins like RapidCart Pro. Now more than ever, many businesses are having to quickly shift retail to online storefronts.

Boutique is a theme for RapidWeaver 7 and above. This theme is specifically optimised for building pleasant online shopping experiences in a fraction of the time and cost that comparable design systems would take!

Boutique 4 is a free update for current users of the theme, available from your Paddle account or Waterfall. The focus of this update has been to modernise some aspects of the theme , make things a little easier to setup and add some requested features.

Changes in this update include:

  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.13.1.
  • Updated the Bootstrap framework to version 4.5.0.
  • Text labels (like the mobile button) can be changed with CSS, details of which can be found on the product page.
  • Sticky footer bar by default. This means that on webpages with less content, the footer is always “stuck” to the bottom.
  • Horizontal block containers are now “content aware”. This simply means that when you use one of these ExtraContent containers, the theme will automatically detect the presence of your extra content and apply padding, margins and widths etc. There is no longer a requirement to go-through the theme style settings to manually switch on the horizontal block containers you want to use. Faster and easier setup for all users.
  • Bootstrap buttons are now correctly coloured in horizontal containers and support Font Awesome icons.
  • Major improvements to the accessibility of the navigation bar. For example, you can now use your keyboard tab key to navigate through the whole menu, including subpages.
  • Navbar function no longer get displayed in a footer navigation bar, to preserve space.
  • Removed page loading effects, because these sometimes broke other addons and were causing too much support.
  • Tided and updated most of the theme jQuery Javascript code.

The online demo site for Boutique, sample project file and download trials have also been updated today.

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Bootstrap theme updated to version 3

Monday 1st June 2020

A major update for the Bootstrap RapidWeaver theme today.

Visually not a lot changes with this update. However some of the underlying codebase has been improved and this update also amalgamates every single feature request that uses have sponsored.

The update is available in the normal ways; via RapidWeaver updates, Waterfall or as a direct download from your Paddle account.

Changes in this update include:

  • Updated Font Awesome and Bootstrap libraries to the latest versions.
  • Renamed and reordered a couple of theme style settings.
  • The ‘currently viewing’ and 'last published’ text labels are now set with CSS, making them easier to change.
  • Edited the theme Javascript to remove things that are no longer needed, like Nivo lightbox and responsive video.
  • The theme has a “sticky” footer, so the footer bar is always placed at the bottom on shallower pages.
  • Removed support for 'scroll back to top’ buttons. These can still be accomplished using the Back To Top stack (
  • Theme designer credit can be toggled on an off. On is the default.
  • Colour pickers should support RGBa opacity in RapidWeaver 8.
  • New sidebar options for mobile and desktop.
  • Ten colour style presets added and now available for selection within the theme style settings.
  • Rearranged some of the theme Miscellaneous theme style settings and added some new ones.
  • Added a new option to make the navigation bar 'sticky’ at the top of the page on desktop.
  • Improvements to the accessibility of the desktop navigation menu, particularly in regards to tabbing subpages.
  • Various other under-the-hood minor tweaks and optimisations.

A little reminder that if you enjoy using this theme, please make a small donation. Every donation goes directly towards covering the hosting costs and helps offset the development time required to continue providing these theme updates. Or if you cannot afford to donate, please rate and review the theme here on the Community Addons website.

Want to learn more about the Bootstrap theme or get your hands on a copy for the first time? Please click this link.

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Introducing the Supporty theme

Friday 1st May 2020

A dedicated RapidWeaver theme for building support / knowledge base websites. Optimised for educators who need to present content in a clean and consistent manner.

This theme loads quickly and complies with all necessary website accessibility guidelines. A somewhat timeless, conventional theme design, but one that’s equally smart.

Supporty works with all RapidWeaver page types, including Markdown, Styled Text, HTML Code, Blog, Contact Form and Stacks.

You can easily change aspects like the colour scheme or supply your own custom banner images. A bountiful choice of ExtraContent containers allow you to add items like social media buttons, links, search boxes and other items elsewhere in the page.

A simple split-navigation layout and breadcrumb links make it easier for users to find their way around. And a flexbox-based framework ensures things reflow to fit on smaller screens.

During the current Covid-19 crisis, Supporty is provided as a free download. Normally it would retail for $20 USD. I imagine this theme could be of use to people diversifying their businesses or moving learning activities online during the coming months. But if you like using it and can afford to, please consider making a small donation.

Learn more

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Outline theme updated to version 2.2

Wednesday 28th August 2019

The main change in this update is that support has been added for dragged-and-dropped RapidWeaver banner images. This offers a quick solution for getting a static image embedded as a body background. Simply drag-and-drop a suitable JPG image into the banner drop zone, within RapidWeaver (supported by RapidWeaver 7 and above). Then in the theme style settings, change the Body Background and Colours setting to RapidWeaver Banner.


By default, an attractive image of a pond water surface is shown (pictured above). However you can replace this image with your own. Outline would be a good theme to use for a more distinctive photography website or advertising site. The Outline theme has always been a very unique theme in how it looks and works.

Alongside this major change, we have taken the opportunity to update Bootstrap and Font Awesome icons to the latest versions. Plus a couple of other insignificant tweaks to the inner-workings of this theme.

This update is available in Waterfall or from your Paddle account.

Learn more about Outline by clicking here.

ALSO OF NOTE: The office will be closed between Thursday August 29th 2019 and Saturday 7th September 2019 for vacation. This means that any RapidWeaver support requests sent during this period will not get a reply. If you have an urgent question, it would be advisable to use the RapidWeaver forums instead. Normal service will resume again in mid-September.

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Xense theme updated to version 4

Wednesday 14th August 2019

The purpose of this major update for Xense has been primarily to add support for dragged-and-dropped banner images in RapidWeaver 7 and above. This makes the process of adding a static background image a whole lot easier. Although this was previously feasible with a code snippet, we feel the drag-and-drop approach lends itself better to the processes many of our customers were already using in other themes.

While working to update the theme, we have also made some other small changes. Most notably;

  • Removed the lang=“en“ attribute, so RW8 can write its own into the page.
  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 5.10.0.
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.3.1.
  • New sample images bundled with the theme.

The remainder of the theme codebase and settings remain unchanged from earlier versions. This will make upgrading as seamless as is possible.

This theme update is available via Waterfall, via automatic updates in RapidWeaver and via your Paddle account. If updating from a much older version of the theme, you can purchase this latest version from our website.

All documentation, demo download links, sample project files and live demo sites are available to access from the Xense product page.

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Serenity theme updated to version 1.1

Sunday 11th August 2019

Changes in this update include…

  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.10.0.
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.3.1.
  • Brand new ‘Lily Pond’ example background image
  • New theme preview icons.

Reminder: this theme is compatible with RapidWeaver 8 and upwards. It is not supported by RapidWeaver 7, due to its use of special custom control types which only became available in RapidWeaver 8.

Learn more about Serenity by clicking here. This update is available via automatic updates in RapidWeaver, Waterfall or as a download from your Paddle account.

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Banx theme updated to version 3.1

Sunday 11th August 2019

Changes in this update include…

  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.10.0.
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.3.1.
  • Fixes a bug whereby the sidebar could not be hidden on mobile.
  • Extra margin now applied above a bottom-positioned sidebar on mobile.
  • Adjusted some of the theme default colours.
  • Brand new ‘Sunrise Over Welsh Hills’ banner background image.
  • Improvements to the mobile menu, including button labels and additional border lines.
  • Removed the lang=“en” attribute, so RapidWeaver 8 can write its own into the page.
  • New theme preview icons.

The Banx theme now displays the word 'menu’ next to the mobile menu toggle button (hamburger icon). This text label is easily translated into another language using this custom CSS code:

#mobileNavButton .mobileMenuToggleTitle:before {
content: 'Menu’;

The CSS code can either be added in the Site Settings > Code > CSS box, or within the Custom CSS box within the Page Inspector. Change the word 'Menu’ to whatever you want.

Click here to learn more about Banx.

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Mondrian theme updated to version 6.1

Saturday 10th August 2019

Changes in this theme update include:

  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 5.10.0.
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.3.1.
  • Removed the ‘lang’ attribute from the opening <html> tag, so that RapidWeaver 8 can write its own.
  • Removed Google+ as a social networking service.
  • Removed Nivo lightbox support (use the free TopBox Enabler stack if you want to create a lightbox).
  • Removed some surplus textured background image files, to speed-up publishing.
  • New example header / banner background image photographed by Will Woodgate.
  • New Miscellaneous style setting to hide breadcrumb navigation links.
  • Default banner image is no longer loaded, when a custom image has been supplied.
  • New Miscellaneous style setting to reduce logo image sizes by 50% on mobile.
  • New options to customise the placement of logo images within the banner area.
  • New theme preview images / icons

You can update this theme from another recent version using automatic updates in RapidWeaver or download the latest version from your Paddle account.

Mondian remains a great general-purpose theme to use in RapidWeaver for a wide variety of different website types. A huge number of style and colour settings are built into this theme.

Learn more…

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Fuld updated to version 2.2

Friday 2nd August 2019

Fuld is a distinctive, high-impact RapidWeaver theme, which remains a firm favorite with lots of creators.

Changes in this theme update include:

  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 5.10.0.
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.3.1.
  • Removed the ‘lang’ attribute from the opening <html> tag, so that RapidWeaver 8 can write its own.
  • New floral body background images and background slider images photographed by Will Woodgate.
  • Removed Google+ as a social networking service.
  • Added a better browser viewport tag, to permit end users to pinch and zoom webpages on smartphones.
  • Removed a surplus 'charset’ attribute from a script tag, that the W3C validator was complaining about.
  • Fixes an issue where drop-down menu indicator icons might not show if certain fonts / weights were selected for use.
  • Removed references in the theme styles to 'RapidWeaver 7’, because the theme is also RapidWeaver 8 compatible.
  • Added a new theme style option to remove all background banner images / sliders
  • New theme preview images / icons

You can download this latest version of Fuld from your secure Paddle account or Waterfall in RapidWeaver.

If updating from an older version of Fuld (and you did not request an update before 1st January 2019), you can buy the latest version here. You can read more about this policy change for free updates here on the forums.

Additionally, the Henk’s Slider stack has received a small free update with the following changes:

  • Options to toggle thumbnail images on and off (in supported themes).
  • 15 new sample images to experiment with.

The stack update should show in Stacks / RapidWeaver in your Updates panel, a few minutes after you launch. Alternatively you can grab the latest version of the stack here. Please note that the stack requires Stacks 3 or Stacks 4.

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Meadow and Rainbow themes updated

Monday 1st July 2019

A minor update for both themes, which sees Font Awesome Icons updated to version 5.9.0 and Bootstrap updated to version 4.3.1. Either theme can be updated within RapidWeaver or by downloading the latest theme version from your Paddle account.

You can learn more about these themes on the Meadow or Rainbow product pages.

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Cefalus theme updated to version 3.2.0

Monday 1st July 2019

Changes in this theme update include:

  • Updated Font Awesome icons and Bootstrap to the latest versions.
  • The sidebar is now ‘flexbox’ and includes new positioning settings for both mobile and desktop.
  • Added settings to adjust the height of the navigation bar (desktop).
  • New settings to control the alignment of the mobile menu button.

Download the theme update from your Paddle account or via automatic updates in RapidWeaver. You can learn more about the Cefalus theme here.

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Introducing the TopBox Enabler stack

Monday 10th June 2019

This stack is exclusive for users of ThemeFlood free and paid themes. TopBox Enabler is a simple solution towards adding TopBox lightbox and modal support to your webpages. TopBox is a method of clicking a link and presenting content (like images, video, PDFs or iFrames) at a larger size, responsively and with features like swipe support on touch screens.

TopBox Enabler is using the very latest of the TopBox codebase; the same code which will soon find its way into the forthcoming TopBox v5 stack. So this stack will give you an insight into the quality and capabilities of this future update.

Within the stack settings, you have options to toggle the display of instructions and sample code on and off. The selectors used for TopBox triggers and titles (captions) can be customised here. We also provide options to translate the text applied to different parts of the lightbox interface.

To use, drag and drop a single TopBox Enabler stack into your webpage. Follow the onscreen instructions (shown in edit mode) to set buttons, text or images as links to trigger (open) your TopBox when clicked. Some of the other attributes like captions, gallery sets and special content types are covered too.

Although Stacks is a pretty common page type, it’s fair to say that a sizeable proportion of people still work with other page types in RapidWeaver (like styled text, Markdown, RapidCart, the blog and others). With this in mind, TopBox Enabler provides you a convenient code snippet, so you can add TopBox support to non-Stacks page types and use instances of the TopBox codebase added as a resource in RapidWeaver.

TopBox Enabler is a free download from the ThemeFlood stacks page. Like all our stacks, it’s tested and compatible with both Stacks 3 and Stacks 4.

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Stripped theme updated to version 2.2.0

Friday 7th June 2019

Changes in this update include:

  • Updated Font Awesome icons to v5.9.0
  • Updated Bootstrap to v4.3.1
  • Minor bug fixes relating to the drop-down menu
  • Cleaned and optimised some Javascript code

Click here to learn more about the Stripped theme.

Also keep your eyes open for a couple of new stacks due to appear on the free Stacks page very soon!

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Introducing the Serenity theme

Monday 1st April 2019

Formally the ‘Sereno’ theme by Henk Vrieselaar. The new Serenity theme follows roughly the same design concept of Sereno; except we have completely rewritten the theme around a brand new, modern CSS Flexbox framework.

The finished result is a theme design rather simple in taste. However this theme is massively flexible, durable and fully-stocked with a huge choice of powerful style and colour settings. For example, you have over 120 regular and embedded font faces to choose from!

For blogs, creative writing, film showcases, photography portfolios, personal homepages or even e-commerce. Serenity is a sumptuous theme design that would be ideal for all.

Serenity is built exclusively for RapidWeaver 8. While this does mean you cannot use the theme in older versions of RapidWeaver, it does bring the benefit of giving you access to intuitive sliders and number boxes for various theme options.

Check the product page to access a live demo site, download a free demo version of the theme, and to download a sample project file.

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New theme - Clean Slate

Tuesday 19th March 2019

How small is small? Clean Slate is an ultra-lightweight theme design for RapidWeaver 8 and above. This ‘concept’ theme is built purely with CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Not a single line of jQuery, no embedded fonts, no Bootstrap, no Font Awesome and not even any graphics! The end result is a clean theme design that weighs-in at a fraction over 10 KB. This means that completed webpages will load in the blink of an eyelid!

Clean Slate embraces modern web design technologies; such as CSS Flexbox and ES6 JavaScript - powerful tools that are actively reshaping the way we build for the future web. This theme is also valid HTML5.

Not only is Clean Slate an extremely interesting 'proof of concept’ theme design, but it carries many practical uses too. Clean Slate would be perfect to use for a simple business website, an educational knowledgebase, a video gallery or a photography portfolio. It installs and functions just-like any other conventional theme for RapidWeaver.

An array of simple style settings are built into Clean Slate, so you are able to modify all the basics and make it look different to the default styling. Clean Slate gets its name from the fact it is a very clean theme design and uses 'dark grey slate’ as it’s default colour.

Learn more…

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Introducing the updated Lake theme

Thursday 29th November 2018

Back by demand, Lake has received a major design and code overhaul. Now more impactful in design and brimming with lots of powerful new style and colour settings. The additional ‘blockiness’ presentation and subtle shadow effects and background textures make for a really clean and sharp looking theme design.

Key features at a glance:

  • Improvements to the presentation of site titles, slogans and page navigation links
  • Incorporation of Font Awesome 5.5 (free) icons
  • Beautiful attentions to detail; like subtle box shadows, mouseover effects, borders and background shading
  • Faster and smoother page loading
  • More font size options to choose from
  • Ability to disable the content container background, so you can custom-build page layouts with Stacks (not included)
  • Includes RWFontKit; granting you instant access to over 120 web safe and built-in embedded font faces
  • New background pattern settings for the top bar, main container and footer
  • Numerous miscellaneous style settings to quickly toggle different elements of the theme
  • Place the sidebar either left or right in widths of 200px, 250px, 300px, 350px, or 400px wide
  • Lots more theme width settings to choose from
  • 15 ExtraContent containers, to help you create ever-more intricate page layouts
  • Improvements to layout and presentation on mobile
  • Many possibilities to further customise and extend the theme with custom CSS code

Lake 3 is compatible with both RapidWeaver 7 and RapidWeaver 8. In RapidWeaver 8, theme colour pickers support RGBa opacity.

This update is free
If you have previously purchased Lake, simply download this latest version from your Paddle account or via automatic updates in RapidWeaver. Or get in contact by email to request a coupon code for this update.

New to Lake?
See the product page to access a published demo site for this theme and to download a free trial version.

Until Saturday 1st December 2018 11.59 GMT, Lake is included in our Black Friday promotion with 40% off. See the website homepage to get your coupon code.

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Cefalus updated to version 3.1

Monday 5th November 2018

Changes in this free update include:

  • Updated Font Awesome to version 5.5.0
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.1.3
  • Tided and optimised numerous parts of the underlying theme source code
  • Rewritten the menu code to make it jQuery 3 compatible
  • The mobile menu now includes the label ‘menu’ on its reveal button
  • The 'back to top’ button now has a lower z-index to limit conflicts with lightbox effects
  • The document language attribute is now respected, if using RW8
  • Custom drop-down arrows can now be configured in the menu

Learn more about Cefalus here.

This update is available in the normal ways.

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Importing Bootstrap themes via RWSkinz

Sunday 23rd September 2018

A video tutorial showing you how to download a suitable Bootstrap 4 theme, add it as a resource in RapidWeaver, slice the HTML markup and import the whole lot into RapidWeaver ready for editing.

The whole process from start to finish is no more than about 10 minutes for anybody proficient with HTML.

As this video demonstrates, the end result is an exceptionally well-designed and constructed template. Ready to populate with your own content or stacks. The time and money savings are vast!

Requires the RWSkinz framework (version 1.1):

More examples can be viewed on the RWSkinz live preview.

Help is available with the basic conversion of compatible Bootstrap themes, for customers of the RWSkinz framework.

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RWSkinz 1.1 now available

Tuesday 18th September 2018

This free update for RWSkinz includes the following changes:

  • The site title is no longer duplicated in mobile, if enabled in the navigation bar.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Jumbotron content to not align correctly in some situations.
  • New font sizing options for the title and slogan in the Jumbotron
  • New footer alignment options (left, right and centre).
  • New setting to make the lower navigation bar ‘fixed’ and continue to display its drop-downs (these become drop-ups!).
  • New setting to disable drop-downs on any navigation bar configuration.
  • Improvements to iPad compatibility.
  • New options to display parent page links or sub page links in the sidebar container (desktop only).
  • Alignment improvements to drop-downs, if they are on the first parent link in the nav bar.
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.3.1.
  • Various other minor tweaks, fixes and general improvements.

Another significant new feature to make an appearance in RWSkinz 1.1 is support for imported themes. Have you ever searched the internet and come across really good Bootstrap themes and wished they could be used inside RapidWeaver? Our new imported themes method makes it feasible to slice the HTML of a suitable opensource Bootstrap theme and import it into RWSkinz. The demo site has been updated with some incredible examples of what is possible and this page documents the process involved in bringing a theme into RWSkinz. This feature alone takes RWSkinz to an entirely new level of sophistication. Take a look at some of these impressive examples using imported themes from

If you are an early-bird customer and have already purchased RWSkinz (thank you again!) you can download 1.1 from your Paddle account. It may also show in Waterfall or as an automatic update in RW8 too.

We still have not officially unveiled RWSkinz to the wider RapidWeaver community yet. Support for imported themes was a really cool feature we wanted to complete first. Some one-to-one email support sessions and video training will be starting next week.

If you are new to the whole concept of RWSkinz and wondering what this is, start your journey here.

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RWSkinz is ready!

Thursday 6th September 2018

Since announcement of the public Beta a week ago, I’ve been inundated with very positive feedback about RWSkinz. It seems this is very-much the theme framework people have been desperate for. It is quite a lot different to how other frameworks in RapidWeaver work, which seems to be a big attraction for many. Features like the ready-made page components, compatibility with any page type and ability to re-skin a website are already proving a huge-hit with early adopters.

So in time for the weekend, I have switched-on the purchase buttons and uploaded more demo pages and some new video documentation. Click here!

Is this the end of development for now? Certainly not!

This is one of the most ambitious RapidWeaver addons I have pulled-together. There certainly will be more updates and additions to come. Of course, buying into the theme now means you will be on the direct channel to get automatic updates as these become available. And as part of this phased release, the RapidWeaver community and forum announcements will follow later. So this is kind-of an exclusive release, just for those in the know!

I hope people will continue to provide feature requests - so we can collaborate together and shape this framework around what people actually want.

Our core focus here is to create a strong and future-proof web development framework for RapidWeaver 8 that returns emphasis back to the core fundamentals of what good web design should be - ease of use, great accessibility, compliance with web standards and faster loading web pages.

There are a large number of different website designs RWSkinz can confidently build - which is why I’ve been using it for client projects since about 2010. More examples are being added to the RWSkinz demo site and further free stacks will be added soon. So keep checking back to see what’s new.

PS: Managed to shave another 100 KB off the codebase. So now a basic RWSkinz page (complete with the yew tree sample banner image) is under 750 KB un-cached. That in itself is quite an achievement.

Learn more…

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Introducing the free Zonal stack

Sunday 2nd September 2018

Another smart stack designed and coded exclusively for ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes. Zonal offers an interesting combination of a background effect and navigation ‘zones’ on a webpage.

It creates an image container (to the same size as the screen) fixed onto the page background. Within the confines of your normal page content container, Zonal generates a list of navigation headings and subheading content. Clicking or mousing-over this front-most written content brings it further into focus and simultaneously changes the background image.

A simple yet highly innovative effect that is sure to add interest to a single page website or a landing page. Zonal has been carefully designed with a high degree of accessibility in mind. It works well on both touch screens and normal computers. The navigation links can point anywhere you like and support custom attributes.

This stack is great to use with RWSkinz. Not sure what RWSkinz is? See the big blog post from yesterday for more information about this exciting new development framework coming for RapidWeaver 8.

Learn more about Zonal…

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RWSkinz Public Beta

Saturday 1st September 2018

RWSkinz has existed for a long time and has been used to great success for many client websites, completed internally. I made the mistake of showing a couple of RapidWeaver users last December (and some Adobe Muse refugees since then) what I was using in some projects to turn-out quick, professional websites. They were blown away by the capabilities of RWSkinz and have been begging and pleading with me relentlessly ever since then to make it available for them! Some of the new items I wanted to include in this latest RWSkinz update have only been made possible with the release of RapidWeaver 8. So I’m pleased to unveil this public Beta of RWSkinz.

First, a couple of quick and important notes:

  • This theme framework is only compatible with RapidWeaver 8 and upwards, due to some of the API-specific features it includes. Sorry, but RWSkinz will not be made compatible with RapidWeaver 5 or 6 or 7. There is already at-least 6 months worth of work invested into bringing the theme to RapidWeaver 8.
  • Automatic updates are disabled. Only those actively ‘in the loop’ will get email notification of any further Beta releases going forwards, if more releases do happen before a final release.
  • The live preview only has 3 basic pages tonight and there is no video tutorial for this design system. Please understand that I cannot dedicate lots of time answering 'how to’ questions. Please take time to read the information on the product page and spend some time playing around with it yourself. Trust me, it is fun and easy to work with!
  • This theme works great with ALL of the free stacks added to ThemeFlood website in recent weeks, including Bootiful. The Sectional, Topper, Gator and Intrinsic stacks mentioned on the documentation are being added soon, when their video documentation is complete (some of you already have Beta versions of these to test with).
  • It is safe to build websites with this Beta of RWSkinz. There are no major changes anticipated that might break or undo work you start with this theme.
  • This is a public Beta, so therefore no update or discount pricing will be available. Everyone pays the same price from day one. You will need to pay if you want to continue using the theme when it is released. This is not a free theme.
  • Constructive feedback via email please. Feature requests are very welcome, but at this late stage they will be judged based on their usefulness to other potential users.

When will it be released?
Ideally the first week of September, so potentially as soon as next week. Subsequent free updates will continue to be rolled-out after the initial release, with new features and any bug fixes required.

How much will this cost?
The plan currently is to charge $60 USD. The cost will include free updates, compatibility with all current and future ThemeFlood branded stacks, and access to expert technical support (including theme modifications, like CSS). This is a professional-grade addon for the serious weaver. The higher-than-normal price tag also ensures lots of dedicated one-to-one support can be provided for all users and we have a sustainable business model going forward. Like our other themes, once purchased, you will be able to freely use RWSkinz and the associated stacks for as many personal or commercial websites as you want - no complicated pay-per domain or subscription pricing.

Is this simply a rip-off of X, Y, or Z?
Absolutely not. RWSkinz has a long history, although admittedly it has only surfaced into the public domain in recent months. It’s substantially different to how quite a lot of other blank framework systems work in RapidWeaver. Psychologically RWSkinz puts you into a mindset of creating clean and distinctive page designs - with emphasis on content clarity, simplicity, higher website accessibility standards and faster loading pages. RWSkinz should easily meet the requirements of any individual or small web design agency with an eye for all-round quality. A decent website should not only look good on the surface, but function equally as well underneath too.

This sounds great - I’m in!
Please use this link to access the new product page for RWSkinz that went live this evening. Again this is pre-release - so the live demo is lacking many examples (especially of stacks and building pages free-form). There may be some holes in the documentation and there is no video presently. However there is hopefully enough here to get you very excited about what’s to come!

Two more examples combining RWSkinz and Intrinsic stacks can be found here and here.

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Introducing the Fontamental stack

Wednesday 29th August 2018

An exclusive free stack for ThemeFlood theme users. Fontamental is a new stack for quickly setting-up and customising the presentation of written content in your websites.

Our themes typically already include quite a few font style options. But because the quality of your written content is of such high importance, we have released this stack to help you customise practically every aspect of font styling.

Many different style parameters are supported, including alignment, font face, size, style, decoration, spacing, shadows and writing direction.

You can either restyle text placed inside of Fontamental or configure the stack to target content elsewhere on your webpage.

Totally free to download and use in our themes. Learn more…

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Exposure updated to version 6

Thursday 16th August 2018

A beautiful theme to expose your personal brand to future clients or employees. Exposure is expertly designed and developed for anybody wanting to create an online resume for themselves or others. A flat design, crisp typography and mobile responsiveness make this theme perfect for the task.


Building and hosting your own resume website is not only a lot more fun, but is also more professional; compared with putting-up pages on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ etc. You have the choice of using your own domain name. Everybody should have an online resume to list past achievements and outline future goals. A great way to advertise oneself.


Exposure is not only limited to creating a really compelling resume website. Exposure could be great to use for a simple photography portfolio, a film making showcase or creative writing website. Or as a temporary ‘coming soon’ landing page. A couple of people have also found it useful for a single-page wedding website.

A little more about this update…

The original Exposure theme was developed by Henk Vriesalaar and followed a 2-column content / sidebar configuration with a banner and navigation bar at the top. This theme was not mobile compatible and sold in comparatively low numbers. This latest version of Exposure takes the original name, but applies and entirely new theme design. Everything in this latest version is new. Exposure is a free update for existing users, available by getting in contact via the website. Users still wanting a theme design like the original Exposure theme should look at using a theme like Panoramic or Media instead.

Learn more…

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Introducing the Bootiful stacks

Wednesday 15th August 2018

ThemeFlood was the first company to incorporate Bootstrap into RapidWeaver themes. Since day one, a selection of Bootstrap code snippets have been made available to install into RapidWeaver. As each major release of Bootstrap has come along, the snippets have been updated. These snippets are still mighty useful to use in any RapidWeaver page type.

But increasingly some of our theme customers have been asking for snippets in ‘Stack format’. In other words, Bootstrap snippets packaged-up as stacks, which can be easily dragged-and-dropped into a page with minimal configuration. And so for the past couple of months, we have assembled a collection of over 20 Bootstrap stacks, within the 'Bootiful’ pack.

Completely free to download and use with ThemeFlood themes, the Bootiful stacks are all pure HTML / CSS. They forego the requirement for any complicated code or configuration. The Bootiful stacks can do all the Bootstrap basics; like buttons, cards, list groups, typography, embeds, tabbed navigation, jumbotrons, images and even tables. Each has its own unique choice of setup options and an ability to further extend with custom classes.

We have purposefully omitted complicated Bootstrap components from the Booitful pack; things like accordions, carousels, tooltips, modals and navigation bars. Basically anything with a dependency on Javascript has been kept out. In quite a few instances, there are (or will be) additional stacks available that already fulfill the jobs of these more complex Bootstrap components.

Bootiful will also prove to be a valuable set of stacks to use with RWSkinz, our forthcoming development framework which is nearing completion. For now, the Bootiful stacks are a great addition for the existing themes and a free download from the ThemeFlood Stacks page.

Bootiful stacks work with both RapidWeaver 7 and RapidWeaver 8, and require a minimum of Stacks 3.5.

It’s likely the choice of stacks in Bootiful will increase. If you have suggestions for any additional simple components you want to see added, please get in touch.

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Introducing the new Sunny theme

Wednesday 15th August 2018

An exclusive free theme for RapidWeaver 8. Sunny is a pleasantly clean and uplifting theme design; with emphasis on flat design, modern typography and ample spacing. A simple 2-tier navigation layout provides a faster method for end users to navigate a completed website. Sunny includes some of the newest RapidWeaver 8 theme features, like RGBa support, number boxes and slider inputs.

Sunny would be a particularly great theme design to use for a smaller business, education or marketing website. This theme purposefully only supports two levels of navigation links and the sidebar is positioned below the main content container.

This is a very customisable theme and you can radically alter its appearance with little effort. For example, supplying a custom image in the Banner drop zone (within the Site Setup or Page Inspector) will instantly apply it as a header background. Perfect to use in conjunction with the built-in Unsplash stock photography options in RapidWeaver 8.

Learn more…

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Industry is back

Tuesday 14th August 2018

This time as a free theme. Work has been done to reduce the list of customisable options and bring the theme back down to a level that will appeal more towards first-time RapidWeaver users.

Most notable of all, Industry is now a RapidWeaver 8 exclusive theme. This latest version will not work with RapidWeaver 7 or older versions of RapidWeaver. Going RapidWeaver 8 exclusive has allowed us to build-in some of the newest RapidWeaver theme API settings; like support for number boxes and RGBa colour pickers.

Now you can pick a sidebar width and page width to any choice you want!

Same too with the opacity and colour of the slogan container, over the banner.

If you have upgraded to RapidWeaver 8, you might want to give Industry 3.0 a whirl. This is still an attractive theme that would be suitable for a range of different project types.

Industry was used throughout the testing of RapidWeaver 8. All of our other addons are RapidWeaver 8 compatible too. Keep a close eye out for other exciting free updates and announcements this week.

Learn more…

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Storm updated to version 4.3

Tuesday 24th July 2018

The Storm theme has been updated this morning. Changes in this free update include:

  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.2.0
  • Added support for RWFontKit, which greatly expands the choice of font face options provided for headings, content and navigation
  • Fixed an issue whereby some colour pickers were not taking effect

This update is available in the normal ways. See the website or knowledgebase for details.

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Introducing the Box Canvas stack

Saturday 7th July 2018

Another free stack exclusively for users of free and paid ThemeFlood themes!

Use the new Box Canvas stack to effortlessly create blocks of content in your webpage designs, with stunning background gradients, textures or images applied. Box Canvas allows you to control the sizing of the container; together with both the vertical and horizontal positioning of any content you place within the stack. Several fill styles are provided for the ‘base’ layer. A choice of over 100 background textures can be applied.

Box canvas uses pure HTML and CSS markup for the main structural framework. Not only is this a somewhat addictive and fun stack to play with, but it can be vital in the creation of eye-catching components in web designs. Configured Box Canvas stacks can be placed in the normal page flow or embedded directly into FreeStyle / ExtraContent containers.

Download your free copy today.

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Introducing the new Formulate stack

Friday 6th July 2018

You may have noticed these past couple of months that the ThemeFlood website has started to host a small collection of useful stacks, for exclusive use solely within our theme designs. Today another one has been added to the loot - the new Formulate stack!

The idea of Formulate is to provide an attractive, easy-to-setup, modern, flexible and very accessible contact form. This form does not use PHP; meaning that you can potentially use this form stack with practically any web hosting service and email address of your choosing.


Form submissions are sent to a service called who securely process the message and forward it onto one or more email addresses you provide. 

Forms are built around the Bootstrap 4 framework, already included in all our themes. This offers tried-and-tested code which is written by usability experts, to the highest-possible accessibility standards. Some input types we offer support placeholder text and ‘helper’ text too; both of which can greatly assist users complete a form.

Setup of Formulate is incredibly easy. Simply configure the form in RapidWeaver with the receiver email addresses, desired fields, labels and suchlike. Publish the webpage and navigate to it on your website. Fill in the form and submit it. You will then get asked to verify your email address; after which all subsequent messages come through to your inbox. It is possible modify and republish the form again afterwards, without needing to re-verify.

Formspree is a brilliant service, well-worth looking at closely if you’ve not heard of it before. Free accounts let you receive up-to 1000 messages a month. A monthly 'gold plan’ subscription lifts this limit and gives you a whole bunch of other useful features.

Message spam is controlled using 'reCAPTCHA’; with the possibility of adding a honeypot for additional protection. Although your email address is displayed in the source code of the page (because this form does not use server-side PHP code to process submissions), it is worth emphasising that you can use this stack with a free, disposable email address (like a Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail address). The premium version of Formspree has a setting to mask your email address.


All-in-all, you may find this free form stack to be a great addition to your Stacks collection and a pleasant benefit of using our themes. Formulate is ideal if you are a non-techie seeking to get a basic and attractive form on your website quickly.

Depending on how well this stack is received, a paid variant may eventually get offered on the Stacks4Stacks website. This might potentially have more style options and compatibility with themes from other companies. Feedback can be left on the RapidWeaver forums or forwarded in the normal way.

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Blow Up updated to version 7.0

Monday 4th June 2018

A quite simply stunning theme that would be perfect for a professional photography portfolio, a fashion website, product showcases or even an innovative e-commerce site. The main focal point of this theme is the full screen background; which in itself forms much of the page.


Version 7 is a large update, including the following changes:

  • Updated Font Awesome Icons, Bootstrap and jQuery to the latest versions
  • The main skeleton of the theme framework now uses CSS Flexbox
  • A more accessible, user-friendly navigation layout for both mobile and desktop
  • Greatly expanded the choice of font face options, with the addition of over 100 embedded web fonts
  • New sample background images for the slider code snippet, along a fashion theme
  • Improvements to the compatibility of the background slider (if used) in some web browsers
  • Some new Miscellaneous theme style settings, to do things like hide elements or make text bold
  • All theme fonts and frameworks are stored within the theme, making GDPR compliance easier

This theme update concludes a mammoth process of updating every actively developed free and paid ThemeFlood theme. Every theme listed on the website is now updated. Everything we sell is now completely GDPR compliant, without any hesitation of doubt. More of Henk’s former themes will continue to be updated and re-released periodically over the summer.

Our office is now closed until 15th June 2018 for an early summer break. Please take note that emails received during this period are not likely to get a reply. Urgent technical support questions should be posted to the RapidWeaver forums. And we will not be able to process any more update requests during this same period. We provide support almost 7 days a week the rest of the year (even on Christmas day!) so it is important developers can take a break once-in-a while. Thank you for your understanding.

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Summit theme updated to version 3.0

Sunday 3rd June 2018

Changes in this free update include:

  • Updated Bootstrap to verison 4.1.1
  • Updated jQuery to version 3.3.1
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to 5.0.13 (free)
  • The website title font face can be changed independently from other headings
  • New theme preview icon
  • Greatly expanded the choice of web-safe and embedded font face options on offer in the theme
  • Your sidebar can now be positioned at either the top or bottom of the page on mobile
  • The sidebar now uses ‘fixed‘ widths on desktop, instead of proportionate widths
  • 8 new sample FreeStyle banner images, named 1.jpg - 8.jpg
  • If the banner content region contains no content, it’s padding / fill is now hidden on mobile
  • Updated the names and ordering of some theme style settings
  • More theme width options to choose from
  • The footer now has more of a ‘blocky‘ appearance
  • The site slogan is now hidden by default
  • Added some new checkbox options to capitalise the breadcrumb links and apply bold font weights to different elements within the page
  • All theme assets (fonts, images, icons and Javascript etc.) are stored within the theme contents for easier GDPR compliance

This is provided as a free update for all existing users; available from your Paddle account, Waterfall, or by getting in contact by email with proof of purchase attached. Update requests received by email will be actioned after 15th June 2018, due to vacation.

Click here to learn more about Summit.

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Earthquake updated to version 2.0

Saturday 2nd June 2018

This free update includes the following changes

  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.1.1
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.0.11
  • Updated jQuery to version 3.3.1
  • Greatly expanded the choice of font face settings available
  • All embedded web fonts are now called from within the theme

This version of Earthquake is now fully GDPR compliant, because it no longer has any calls to outside websites or services. Everything the theme needs is self-contained within itself. This also means that theme will be more reliable and previews faster in RapidWeaver.

Existing users can obtain this free update from their Paddle account, via Waterfall or by getting in contact via email for a 100% coupon code and attaching proof of purchase.

Learn more about Earthquake here.

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Stalker theme updated to version 5

Friday 1st June 2018

Another huge update, this time for the Stalker theme. Much work has been done to completely redesign the theme with a more modern appearance. Stalker is now mobile responsive and has a much larger array of style and colour options.

Coincidentally, Stalker is also 10 years old today!

Plenty of additional functionality has been added in version 5; including embedded font faces, the Bootstrap framework, Font Awesome 5 icons, jQuery, FreeStyle banners, ExtraContent and much more.

The new:

The old:

The newer theme is certainly a very exciting design. Lots of emphasis on space and creation of an asymmetrical design. However some features have been retained from the old design; including the shadow effects, ‘sticky‘ sidebar and simplistic split navigation layout. Stalker is a theme you are going to have a lot of fun with!

Despite the many hours of hard work invested into redesigning, developing and releasing Stalker 5, this is provided as a FREE update for existing users. You can download the latest version from your Paddle account or get in contact for a coupon code.

Want to learn more about Stalker 5? See the product page here for details.

PS: There are some other goodies to be found on the ThemeFlood website today. Checkout our range of new and exclusive stacks for use with ThemeFlood themes!

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Tabs theme updated to version 5.0

Friday 1st June 2018

Other than the name remaining the same, almost everything else in this theme has changed! In addition to a design refresh, Tabs has a whole new underlying codebase to promote faster loading webpages and improved compatibility. The list of theme style and colour settings has grown significantly. You now have over 100 embedded font faces to choose from and all-sorts of other new settings.


For the first time, Tabs now includes the complete Bootstrap framework and Font Awesome 5 icons. The entire theme has been developed and tested to a high standard.

Tabs is simply perfect for the creation of high impact, single-page websites. And the complimentary stacks offered with Tabs take your creativity to the next level!

If you are new to the Tabs theme, be sure to check the product page for details, view the online demo and download a free demo version / project file to play with.

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Mondrian theme updated to version 6.0

Wednesday 30th May 2018

The Mondrian theme was originally designed and developed by Henk Vrieselaar. Today it has been updated to version 6. This huge theme update preserves the original ‘Mondrian’ name and the basic feel of the theme design. However all the underlying source code has been completely overhauled and this theme has all-new style and colour settings.

Some of the key features in this update include:

  • Mondrian is now a responsive RapidWeaver theme design, with a toggle menu on mobile
  • A phenomenal choice of quality, embedded font face options to choose from; for headings, navigation and body content
  • Many more body, content, sidebar and footer background settings. In total, a choice of over 100 textured designs
  • Optimised the theme for use with RapidCart Pro (sold separately) a demo of which can be viewed here
  • The 'flexbox’ sidebar can be positioned left or right (on desktop) in a variety of widths and top or bottom (on mobile)
  • Use either a banner image dragged and dropped into RW7, a FreeStyle banner or ExtraContent 2
  • Easily change the logo, title and slogan positioning without needing extra CSS code
  • Increased the choice of width options available
  • Added a checkbox option that lets you stretch the banner full-width of the page
  • The theme now includes the complete Bootstrap 4 frontend framework, jQuery 3 and Font Awesome 5 Icons
  • Toggle between an animated drop-down menu, a cool mega-menu or a more simplistic sidebar navigation layout
  • Completely GDPR compliant - a self-contained theme with zero links to external websites or services

This stylish theme would be ideal for a variety of potential projects. Not only does it look great straight out of the box, but Mondrian is easy to build with, compatible with all modern web browsers and helps create webpages that load quickly. Mondrian uses valid HTML5 source code. The theme embraces some brand new web technologies, like WOFF2 embedded fonts and CSS Flexbox.

This theme update is free for existing customers, obtainable from your Paddle account or getting in contact by email with proof of purchase attached. Mondrian also replaces the previous 'Lake’ and 'Ocean’ themes; and is offered as a free upgrade to users of these previous themes interested in switching over.

Interested in learning more about the Mondrian theme? Please see the product page here and download a free demo version / project file.

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Media updated to version 9.0:

Thursday 24th May 2018

Like a fine wine, some RapidWeaver themes never age - they just get better with time! Media will be 11 years old this October; but is still one of the most practical and useful RapidWeaver themes you can have in your collection. A simple and conventional 2-column layout, mobile-first responsive behaviour, loads of style settings and colour pickers. Plus lots of other useful features and functionality that can save you a lot of time and money.


Media 9 is our best version of Media yet. Faster loading, full GDPR compliancy, improved browser compatibility, more style settings, valid HTML5 markup, updated frameworks and various other excellent enhancements. Some of the exciting changes in Media 9 include:

  • Updated jQuery to version 3.1.1 (jQuery is now loaded from within the theme instead of from Google APIs)
  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 5.0.13 (icons are now loaded from within the theme instead of externally)
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.1.1
  • Renamed and reorganised various theme style and colour options, to make things easier to understand
  • Phenomenal choice of web-safe and new embedded font faces; for headings, body content and navigation - all support Latin extended characters
  • Lots more theme width settings, including an ‘edge to edge’ mode
  • Text labels like 'menu’, 'last updated’ and 'currently viewing’ are now changeable using simple custom CSS (see the product page for the code)
  • New style of animated 'back to top’ button that appears after the page is scrolled down 500px
  • The links in the desktop navigation can now have their alignment set to justified
  • Adjustments to the padding, layout and alignment of the footer on mobile
  • New theme preview icon for the RapidWeaver theme drawer
  • Sidebar title styling is now inherited from existing heading styling
  • New site title / slogan transparent background fill settings, to improve text clarity against a banner image
  • The site title and slogan can now have their font sizes adjusted independently within the theme, using viewport units of measurement
  • Over 100 new background overlay patterns
  • Changed the default mobile / desktop breakpoint from 968px to 996px (corresponding with Bootstrap 4)
  • The sidebar is now available in more widths and you can choose to place the sidebar either top or bottom of the page on mobile
  • Expanded the choice of desktop navigation layouts offered to include basic mega menus (links in multiple columns)
  • Changed some of the sample banner images supplied with the theme
  • Removed the surplus 'page fade’ option in misc.
  • Better cropping of content when rounded corners are enabled
  • Background textures can be applied to the content and sidebar backgrounds
  • Tided and optimised the HTML code for the theme
  • Expanded the choice of theme miscellaneous styles available
  • New checkbox option to enhance the style of blockquotes
  • Improved options to disable the header image and give the header an 'auto’ height
  • More control over the vertical and horizontal padding applied around the main container
  • New miscellaneous checkbox option to make the sidebar 'sticky’ on desktop
  • Much better support for Font Awesome icons added to page titles
  • Various other minor changes, tweaks and improvements to the theme underlying source code

Media 9 is a free your Paddle account or you can buy the latest version from the website.

As you can see, the latest version of Media is a huge update and merges-in the features from several other themes. With this in mind, we have decided to concentrate all efforts on this single theme and discontinue older designs like Composition, Haze, Snow, Stream and Monsoon. These themes have not sold in large numbers in recent years. Therefore if you are an existing user of one of these themes, we invite you to get in contact to request a copy of Media. Media v9 should do everything (and far more) that you want. A truly versatile theme.

The online demo site for Media has been updated. If you are interested in using this theme for the first time, please download the free demo version and learn more about the theme here.

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Outline updated to version 2.1.0

Thursday 24th May 2018

Changes in this small update include the following:

  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.1.1
  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 5.0.13
  • Removed the HTML5 shim for IE6 / IE7 which was being called from Google
  • The ‘PT Sans’ typefaces are now stored locally within the theme

Outline is now GDPR compliant. All Font Awesome icons, jQuery Javascript and embedded font faces are stored within the theme contents; with no links or calls to external locations.

The Outline update is provided as a free update for all existing users. You can get the update via automatic updates in RapidWeaver / Waterfall or download this latest version from your Paddle account. If updating from a much older version of Outline, you may need to contact support for a 100% coupon code.

Learn more…

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Foton updated to version 3.1

Thursday 24th May 2018

Changes in this free update include the following:

  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.1.1
  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 5.0.13
  • jQuery is now called locally, from within the theme
  • All embedded font faces are now stored within the theme

Foton is now GDPR compliant. All Font Awesome icons, jQuery Javascript and embedded font faces are stored within the theme contents; with no links or calls to external locations.

The Foton update is provided as a free update for all existing users. You can get the update via automatic updates in RapidWeaver / Waterfall or download this latest version from your Paddle account. If updating from a much older version of Foton, you may need to contact support for a 100% coupon code.

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Fuld updated to version 2.1

Thursday 24th May 2018

Changes in this free update include the following:

  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.1.1
  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 5.0.13
  • jQuery is now called locally, from within the theme
  • All embedded font faces are now stored within the theme

Fuld is now GDPR compliant. All Font Awesome icons, jQuery Javascript and embedded font faces are stored within the theme contents; with no links or calls to external locations.

The Fuld update is provided as a free update for all existing users. You can get the update via automatic updates in RapidWeaver / Waterfall or download this latest version from your Paddle account. If updating from a much older version of Fuld, you may need to contact support for a 100% coupon code.

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