Thank you for your interest in contributing to the ThemeFlood project

RapidWeaver themes take a lot of time (and skill) to design, develop, test, distribute, support and keep updated. ThemeFlood themes are designed exclusively for RapidWeaver and developed to the highest possible standards. These are not simply existing free or paid web templates someone else has built, which have been converted into RapidWeaver themes!

An effort has been made to provide a variety of different theme designs for you to choose from, of varying prices and complexity. Plus excellent support resources like the knowledgebase. If you find any of our free theme designs useful in your personal or commercial projects, please consider making a small contribution to show your appreciation.

How much should I contribute?

A minimum contribution of £10.00 GBP is appreciated; to cover general questions or support for free themes. ThemeFlood is not obliged to reply to questions about free themes, so making a contribution guarantees you get a faster or more comprehensive response.

If you want credits or attributions removed from free themes (e.g. 'Published with the Minalicious theme by Will Woodgate' in the footer), then a contribution of £10.00 GBP or £15.00 GBP would be appreciated. After you make a contribution, you can get in contact to confirm what you want the theme renamed to and the email address you want the modified theme sent to.

Development of custom RapidWeaver themes and theme modification is also available. There are a variety of competitively-priced hourly and fixed rates available. Please get in contact with a project proposal, to discuss your requirements.

If you have no budget available but still wish to make a contribution, please get in contact with any other suggestions of contribution menthods you might have. For example, writing a review about the theme you're using on the RapidWeaver forums or providing a written testimonial that can be featured on the ThemeFlood website or blog.