Theme details

Theme name: Fuld
Theme designer: Henk Vrieselaar
Current version: 2.2
Last updated: 2nd August 2019
First released: 1st October 2016
Compatibility: RapidWeaver 7 & 8
GDPR / DSGVO / CCPA compliant: Yes
Responsive: Yes
Doctype: Valid HTML5
Font Awesome version: 5.10.0
Bootstrap version: 4.3.1
Usage agreement: Click for details
Example website: View online
Download example website: Click here

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A stunning theme previously designed and developed by Henk Vrieselaar. The default 'light on dark' colour scheme and fullscreen background images or sliders make Fuld a highly destructive theme design. Newer versions of Fuld support a drop-down navigation menu (on wider screens), the Bootstrap frontend framework and Font Awesome icons. Perfect for photography portfolios.


The Fuld theme has a drop-down menu with support for multiple sub-levels of links. Down and right arrows show which menu items have a sub-level; for clearer and easier navigation through your website. On smaller screens (like mobile) the menu is hidden and available via a toggle button; to save space.

Dragged and Dropped Backgrounds

Fuld is a modern theme and takes advantage of the Banner Image option in newer versions of RapidWeaver. Simply open the page inspector and drag-and-drop a suitable image into the well, to use as your page background. It could not be easier! Plus you can display different images on different pages, to add more interest to your website. The Forget-Me-Not flower image is shown by default.

Background Slider

The background slider is very easy to configure with the Stacks plugin. Images are resized to fill browser, while maintaining image dimension ratio. You simply need to download and install the free Henk's Slider stack using this link. This stack requires the Stacks plugin, version 3 or above. Stacks is not included with Fuld.

Install the stack into Stacks, by dragging and dropping the stack icon onto your RapidWeaver dock icon. Launch RapidWeaver and in your project file add a new Stacks page type (if you don't already have a Stacks page in your website). Open the Stacks library and search for Henk's Slider. Drag and drop a copy of the stack into your page. Click the blue '+' button to add images to your slider.

These should be images you've added to your project as Resources or already uploaded to a directory on your web server. Simply provide the links to these images. Ideally images should be less-than 500KB each, to promote faster page loading and smoother playback. Slideshow settings can be adjusted in the theme or the slideshow stack itself.

A Slider With Snippets

The demo download project for Fuld includes a page called Snippets. In here, you can access the code snippet (in the custom header box) needed to configure the background slider on a non-Stacks page. This is good to use for page types like the RapidWeaver blog, styled text, Markdown, HTML code or contact form.

Content and Menu Width

There are 12 different options for the content width (small, medium and wide) and menu width, combined with options for with and without a left margin.
  • Menu Width = Browser Width (recommended for many menu items)
  • Menu Width = Content Width
  • Margin-Left and Menu Width = Browser Width (recommended for many menu items)
  • Margin-Left and Menu Width = Content Width

Fixed or Absolute Menu

By default the menu is absolute, but optional is a fixed menu with a scrollable content. Fixed ensures the menu is always visible when you scroll the page down.


ExtraContent allows you to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows. See the ThemeFlood Knowledgebase for comprehensive instructions on how to use ExtraContent. There are 3 ExtraContent areas in the Fuld theme ready to be used:
  • ExtraContent 1 is at the top of the page (above the website title), great for adding your social icons, date, time or something else
  • ExtraContent 2 is below the title/slogan. It's best not to use this area for text; only use it for a banner image, slideshow or video in your content
  • ExtraContent 3 at the bottom right side of the page. Great for adding a button, social icons or a search box. Or put some more footer text here

Responsive Design and Browser Support

The traditional fixed width design doesn't work any more. Web design needs to be adaptive. The layout needs to be automatically adjusted to fit all display resolution and devices. A website created with this theme will work in all modern browsers and on your tablet or smartphone.


The Logo and the site title have a link with the index.html page of your website. By default the logo is above the site title. Optional you can put it at the right side of the title and slogan.

Font Awesome Ready

With Font Awesome 5, you have over 1000 retina display optimised icons at your disposal, in any colour and any size you like. And they are completely free for commercial use. Nothing further to install of configure in the Fuld theme. Just refer to the Font Awesome Icons website for the reference guide and code snippets.

Theme Photography

All the floral body background images and sample slider images included in Fuld were photographed by Will Woodgate. The theme license includes continued use of these images in your personal or commercial web projects, without attribution and at no additional cost. A signed photography release form is available upon request.


The free trial version of Fuld can be downloaded using this link. There is no time limit imposed on the demo version, but page navigation links are disabled in the demo version. Watermarks may appear in parts of the page (like the banner or footer). Purchasing Fuld provides you with a licensed copy of Fuld; without any demo restrictions applied.

Clicking this link will take you to a sample website published using Fuld. This may give you a better insight into how this theme looks and behaves. If you're interested to see how the demo website was built, the same project file can be downloaded here and opened in RapidWeaver. Feel free to use this file as the basis for a new website.

If you have any other questions about Fuld, please don't hesitate to get touch.