Why are themes from Henk Vrieselaar now listed on the ThemeFlood website?

Henk Vrieselaar has decided to retire from RapidWeaver development. Rather than dropping support for the themes, Henk has decided to sell his company to ThemeFlood.

As of July 2017, we will be continuing to distribute Henk's iconic paid and free theme designs, which are a great addition to the theme designs we already provide. We will also be continuing to provide technical support whenever we can, to help existing customers.

Over the next several months we'll gradually update some of the theme designs. These updates will add requested features like responsive behaviour, more font choices, Bootstrap support and newer versions of Font Awesome icons. Henk's themes remain an excellent investment for you. For over ten years, Henk has strived to develop sensational theme designs that remain popular with thousands of RapidWeaver users.

We are still in the process of listing the newly acquired themes on this website. In quite a few instances (especially in the live demo's and in the download files) there are numerous broken links to Henk's old website and for items like snippets, coupon codes and checkouts that no longer exist. Overtime, we will work to gradually fix or remove these broken links.

There is no reason to report these links to us or assume the product is no longer supported! These things take time to organise.

Automatic theme updates in RW7 or Waterfall may also fail to work.

Looking for a user manual?

Henk produced an excellent series of user manuals for each of the themes he released. Over time, we will gradually move some of this information over into our permanent knowledgebase; to coincide with updates to the themes. In the meantime, here is a list to the manuals Henk previously had on his website:

If you have questions about any of Henk's themes, please read the user manual first! These manuals contain a lot of very valuable information. Many frequently asked questions are answered.

Getting theme updates or adding themes to your Paddle account

We heavily promoted the availability of free theme updates on the RapidWeaver forums, Twitter and Facebook. Most previous customers still actively using the themes saw these updates and updated. As of 1st January 2019, the 'grace period' or 'free update window' has permanently closed, for the reasons cited here on the RapidWeaver forums:

Customers who missed the opportunity to update their themes are advised to buy the themes they need from this website. If you requested free updates to themes between July 2017 and 1st January 2019, then the latest versions of these themes are available to download from your secure Paddle account here:

Working to update the themes

Not all of Henk's themes are responsive. Please take particular care when choosing a theme for an upcoming project, if you need it to be responsive. The 'sidebar' area of each theme product page tells you if the theme is responsive and you can also check the live demo site too. We will aim towards updating as many themes as possible to modern, responsive standards.

Sometimes the download includes multiple theme files. Some may have different features than others and some may also be responsive. For example. Xense currently provides 5 theme files in the download, but just one is responsive. Please make use of the free demo versions provided to see what you are getting! We are unable to exchange or refund digital downloads.

Additionally some parts of the ThemeFlood knowledgebase may not currently be applicable to the former Henk Vrieselaar themes. For example, not all of his themes carry support for Twitter Bootstrap, Font Awesome icons or other techniques discussed. Again in the fullness of time, we will attempt to update the themes to include more of these features for you. But updating themes is time consuming and we have to stagger the re-releases over a longer period of time.

Code snippets

Henk developed a wide range of code snippets that can be added to RapidWeaver. Snippets are small XML files that contain "snippets" of code. These can be installed by dragging and dropping them onto your RapidWeaver dock icon. They are then available for use in the RapidWeaver Snippets window. Snippets can be used in almost any styled text, markdown or HTML code region.

In the fullness of time, we will update some of these snippets and merge them with the Bootstrap code snippets already provided. For now, here is a list of Henk's code snippets that you can continue to download and use. Many of the snippets contain a 'readme' file or small demo site in the package:

Keeping track of progress

Many updates will be happening over the coming months. Subscribe to Weaver News to get notification of updates. News of major updates will also be shared on the RapidWeaver forums and social media. If you have feedback or feature requests, you can get in contact here.