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The knowledge base is your one-stop shop, covering many aspects of using ThemeFlood themes and Stacks4Stacks stacks in RapidWeaver. Access to this support resource is free for customers of our addons.

The information contained within the knowledge base is provided to help you build websites faster and exploit all of the powerful features that our addons include. After all, RapidWeaver should be about building quality websites more rapidly!

The icon for RapidWeaver 7.The articles are applicable to RapidWeaver 7 and later; which are the same versions of RapidWeaver our addons are compatible with. Any important information or variations for specific versions of RapidWeaver (like RapidWeaver 7 or RapidWeaver 8) is clearly marked.

We update the knowledge base on a regular basis, with the purpose of revising content and to add new information or links. Something changes on here almost every week. Please bookmark and use the knowledge base as your first point of help when using our addons.

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