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Welcome to the ThemeFlood knowledgebase

The knowledgebase is your one-stop shop, covering many aspects of using ThemeFlood themes in RapidWeaver. Access to this support resource is free. The information contained within the knowledgebase is provided to help you build websites faster and exploit all of the powerful features that our theme designs include. After all, RapidWeaver should be about building quality websites more rapidly!

The information contained in the knowledgebase is applicable to RapidWeaver 5 and later; which are the same versions of RapidWeaver our theme designs are compatible with. Any important information or variations for specific versions of RapidWeaver (like RapidWeaver 6 or RapidWeaver 7) is clearly marked.

We update the knowledgebase on a regular basis, with the purpose of revising content and to add new information or links. Something changes on here almost every week. Please bookmark this webpage and use the knowledgebase as your first point of help when using our themes.

Using the knowledgebase

You can access this knowledgebase 24/7 from any desktop web browser, tablet or mobile device. Many articles have been published in this knowledgebase. Articles are sorted into group categories like getting started and theming techniques.

Clicking or tapping on an article name takes you through to that particular article. Articles are arranged in alphabetical order, within each group. Many of the knowledge articles we provide include sample code, images or even video.

You are welcome to bookmark or share links to specific articles, using the buttons at the top of the page. However due to the dynamic nature of the knowledgebase (and frequency of updates), please kindly refrain from copying and re-posting information elsewhere (like to the RapidWeaver forums) because this information might become quickly outdated and very confusing to other people.

Should you have any feedback about knowledgebase articles, please use the feedback link and form located towards the bottom of each article.

Other links

Alongside the knowledgebase, here are some links to other valuable RapidWeaver support resources. We believe these are some of the best. You might find them useful to bookmark or download.

  • Getting started with RapidWeaver - an official series of written and video tutorials by Realmac Software. Although there is a 'pay wall' to access most of the content on a monthly subscription, the basic 'getting started' topics remain free to watch.

  • RapidWeaver 7 PDF user guide - an offical PDF user guide that was previously written and provided by Realmac Software. Despite recently being removed from their website, it still remains a really useful 'all-in-one' guide that covers just about everything there is to know about RapidWeaver.

  • File warehousing eBook - a comprehensive free eBook that explains nearly everything there is to know about the concept of 'file warehousing' in RapidWeaver. Ideal if you are working with images, audio, video or other files.

  • RapidWeaver Classroom - Operated by Ryan Smith, RapidWeaver Classroom is the largest collection of RapidWeaver training material in video format. Ryan has been running this website for many years and amounted a huge collection of video content.

  • Hamish the Plumber - A plumber by trade (just up the road in Exeter, Devon), Hamish has created a useful page listing lots of better RapidWeaver addons he's used in some of his business websites. Some of these may not be ones you have seen or heard of before.

  • RapidWeaver community forums - An international community forum made up of RapidWeaver users and developers from around the world. Lots of discussions about RapidWeaver every day. Membership to the forums is free, if you wish to partake in any discussions or start your own topics.

  • RapidWeaver CSS tutorials - A mini series of tutorials by Jonathan Head of Nimblehost covering theme modification and CSS. Some really useful things if you are interested in 'hacking' themes and modifying them!

  • Weaver Tips - An ever-growing collection of little GIF animations, that visually show you how to accomplish various common tasks in RapidWeaver. Weaver Tips is built and managed by Greg Barchard, the same developer behind Chillidog Software and Chillidog Hosting.