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Getting in contact

This knowledgebase site (you can start at the homepage here) should cover nearly everything you need to know about our RapidWeaver themes and other more generalised information about using RapidWeaver. It's purposefully presented to you in the format of a 'self help' service, in the hope you can find answers to common problems and questions quickly.

However you may still have need to contact us; for example, with questions not already answered in the knowledgebase or for help customising our RapidWeaver themes. This article details how we handle customer support and the typical information we might need from you.

Methods of contact

Email is the quickest and easiest method to contact us. An email link can be found on the ThemeFlood contact page. We aim to try and respond to all messages within 6 hours (during office hours) and within 12 - 24 hours at other times.

We do not provide 24/7 support. That is to mean that (if for example) you were to contact us with a question at 10.00PM UK time, you are unlikely to get a reply until the following morning. If your question is really urgent, then please post it to the RapidWeaver forums instead and mark it as urgent.

Responses to emails are generally slower at weekends and of course we are not committed to work during public or religious holidays. So please bare this in mind when making contact from another part of the world. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.

You should always make contact using one form of communication only and then wait for a reply. Please do not send an email and then post the same questions or information in other places like the RapidWeaver forums or the Google+ RapidWeaver group. This will be treated as spamming and we'll simply delete or ignore all these communications. In other words, the more noise you make, the less attention you'll get!

You are also welcome to get in contact via social media too, in particular via Google+, Twitter, Ello, and ask.fm. However please note that some social media accounts are checked less often for new messages, compared with email.

What we're happy to support

We will happily respond to all messages that relate to general setup and usage of our RapidWeaver themes. We'll either provide you with links to resources that already exist online (like articles in this knowledgebase) or useful resources on other websites. We'll respond in the same style you email us in - so that is to mean that a friendly email will get a friendly reply!

Unlike some other theme development companies, we are also happy to provide extended free support on how to make basic modifications to your themes; using custom CSS code. We can also duplicate / rename your themes and incorporate custom banner images at no additional cost or make other modifications.

What we can't support (for free)

We are unable to provide free support for themes, stacks or other addons developed by other companies. We do not guarantee the compatibility of other addons with our themes, and it is therefore your responsibility to test themes for suitability (before purchase) and configure combinations of different addons yourself. Questions that relate to third-party addons are billable by the hour. We are happy to provide quotes / estimates for the time and cost of customising or troubleshoot addons from other companies. Likewise the modification and retesting of free themes is normally billable by the hour.

Modifications and retesting of free or paid themes which requires more than 1 hour of work may also be billable. Our rates are very competitive, and you can request a free quote or estimate for this sort of work.

Information we need from you

For messages of a technical nature (like questions about theme features, style or colour settings, compatibility issues or bugs) it is of vital importantance your message aways contains these minimum details:

  • Name and version number that your question relates to
  • The link to the test page or to download your RapidWeaver project file
  • Clear steps or information to help us understand or replicate your issue
  • Screenshots, if these help to illustrate issues or specific points

Please spend a few extra minutes and try to provide as much relevant information as possible. Unfortunately messages of a vague nature are likely to get bounced back to you again marked as FIR (further information required), and of course this can greatly extend the time it takes to provide your with the necessary information or solutions.

Furthermore, please ensure that the reply-to email address you provide is active and can accept incoming messages. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to reply but finding the address provided doesn't exist or does not accept incoming messages!


All messages received are handled confidentially and in a secure manner. Your email address is never used for other purposes; like for receiving email newsletters and is never sold to other companies. We'll only ever pass-on an email message to another close colleague or RapidWeaver developer if we feel your message would be better handled by them or might be of interest to them (like a bug report or incompatibility relating to their product). But we won't do this if your email specifically requests that it's not to be forwarded to others.