RapidWeaver basics

Below is some quick information about installing and using our stacks or themes with RapidWeaver. For more in-depth information, please follow any of the links in the sidebar or use the search box above.


All of our addons require RapidWeaver 7 or later. Some themes are only compatible with RapidWeaver 8 or greater. These addons cannot be installed or used with other publishing platforms (like Wordpress). If you cannot get the free demo versions to work, then don't buy! Ask for help first or start a new discussion on the RapidWeaver community forums.

Demo versions

We provide free demo versions of everything sold on the Stacks4Stacks and ThemeFlood websites. It is vital that you make use of these provided demo versions, because refunds are not provided. In free demo versions, automatic updates are disabled. In themes, navigation links between pages are disabled. Credits or message boxes might also be displayed at the bottom of your published webpages. A separate knowledge base article has been written here about demo themes.

Buying addons

Seen something you want to buy on our websites and got promising results with the free demo version? Great! Addons can be purchased securely from the Stacks4Stacks and ThemeFlood websites 24/7. After the transaction is completed, our payment merchant Paddle will email you a receipt and the download link for the version unlocked and licensed in your name.

Installing new add-ons

The easiest and most reliable method is to uncompress the .zip archive. Then drag and drop the add-on onto your RapidWeaver dock icon. Follow the onscreen instructions for installing the add-on or replacing a free demo version with the paid version. Select the add-on for use in the normal way. Learn more about installing and managing your add-ons here.

CSS consolidation

Our addons are designed to be used in websites with CSS consolidation enabled. This ensures your webpages load faster and improves the compatibility of addons; particularly with libraries like Font Awesome icons. CSS consolidation should already be on by default. If not, please go to Settings > Advanced > CSS Consolidation and make sure it is turned on.

Getting help

If you have questions, please get in touch via the website. Our latest contact details are displayed on the support or contact pages; alongside any important notice about forthcoming downtime or office closures. Follow the information outlined here for ensuring your support case contains sufficient information and avoids wasting time.

Replicating the demo sites

All the demo sites for our RapidWeaver themes are available to download. You can open these on your computer and take a closer look at how they were created. Or replace the content in these demo sites with your own content, if you need a faster method towards replicating them. Some of our stacks also have complimentary project files to download. Unless otherwise stated, all demo files are for RapidWeaver 8 only - simply because this is the version of RapidWeaver nearly everyone uses.
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