Free Download A small donation of $10 USD or more is required if you want to switch-off or hide the designer credits in Panoramic.

Theme details

Theme name: Panoramic
Theme designer: Will Woodgate
Current version: 5.0
Last updated: 30th April 2018
First released: 5th November 2013
Compatibility: RapidWeaver 7 & 8
GDPR / DSGVO / CCPA compliant: Yes
Responsive: Yes
Doctype: Valid HTML5
Font Awesome version: 5.0.9
Bootstrap version: 4.1.1
Usage agreement: Click for details
Example website: View online
Download example website: Click here

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Panoramic is a cut-down version of the premium Forest theme. The difference with Panoramic is that it's got fewer customisable theme navigation, style and colour settings. Some elements within the page (like the site title and footer) are placed differently too. Panoramic is perfect for anybody new to RapidWeaver seeking a decent starter theme that speaks quality or for anybody just needing a basic, all-purpose RapidWeaver theme.

Although provided for free, Panoramic has a decent array of colour settings (enough to rival and exceed the choice provided in some paid themes from other companies). A key feature of this theme is the header bar (which can be set to either fixed or scrolling) and the multi-level, responsive drop-drop down menu; the latter of which is often only found exclusively in premium ThemeFlood themes. The use of the thin Raleway font face for headings and the serif Lora font face for body content gives Panoramic a clean appearance.

Pages built with Panoramic will load quickly and scroll smoothly without any jerkiness (a common flaw with some RapidWeaver themes that rely too heavily on many stacks for layout, animation or parallax effects). As a sign of quality, we use valid HTML5 markup in Panoramic and you can expect this theme to work flawlessly with all major web browsers and different handheld devices. So no more hassle of building different websites for different devices!

Consider using Forest...

As mentioned already, Panoramic is a cut-down version of the premium Forest theme. You should consider purchasing and using Forest instead if you require the following features in a similarly styled theme:
  • Space for large site titles, logo images and slogan text
  • A choice of more navigation layouts, including split and sidebar block navigation layouts
  • More body background options
  • Special effects that can be instantly applied to static images within the FreeStyle banner
  • More font face options for the headings, navigation and body content
  • Border effects applied to the top and bottom of the FreeStyle banner
  • Text line height and font size settings
  • The option to quickly split a styled text, HTML code or markdown page into multiple responsive columns
  • A greater choice of theme maximum-width settings
  • More sidebar width and positioning options
  • A more extensive list of theme colour settings, for more page elements
  • No designer / developer attributions in the website footer

FreeStyle banner

The FreeStyle banner container above the page fold is a perfect blank canvas to insert static images a slider or even embedded video. Panoramic includes 7 example images by default, to help you et started (named 1.jpg to 7.jpg). Getting your own static images into the banner is as simple as dragging and dropping an image named header.jpg, freestyle.jpg or banner.jpg into your page (like the styled text sidebar), and the theme will do the rest! Alternatively you can use the FreeStyle banner technique or ExtraContent (documented in the Wiki) to place just about any conceivable content or stack type within this area. The banner shadow effect can be toggled-off if it's not required and we also provide some optional image filters and setting to round the banner corners.

Embedded fonts

Panoramic uses the Raleway font face for headings and Lora for regular content. It is possible to change the font faces used by editing the theme (this is documented in the knowledgebase) or by using the free FontStack from Stacks4Stacks.

Colour pickers

Panoramic has a great many colour pickers available, permitting you to quickly change just about any colour shown on the page. This gives you the flexibility to create your own colour schemes and produce websites different to what other RapidWeaver users are publishing.

Fully loaded

Panoramic is free and may look simple on the surface, but it includes a variety of useful tools to help you build better websites faster and more economically; including the complete Twitter Bootstrap frontend framework, jQuery, the Nivo lightbox effect, FitVids (for responsive video), Font Awesome Icons and Retina.js (for optimising your images on retina displays).

Header container and navigation

The header bar displayed at the top can either be fixed or relatively positioned. On screens less-than 996px wide, the drop-down menu reverts to become a toggle navigation menu, with each level of links opening and closing as accordion panels. The toggle navigation menu makes navigation far easier on touch devices, and your website users will love navigating your website from their smartphones or tablets!

A small reminder...

Panoramic is generously provided to you as a free RapidWeaver theme. You are welcome to download Panoramic and use it for any personal or commercial projects. All that is politely asked is that any credits remain intact. If you want the credits removed or want to show your appreciation for this theme, a small monetary contribution of $10 USD or more is appreciated.