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Theme details

Theme name: Paper
Theme designer: Will Woodgate
Current version: 1.0
Last updated: 5th August 2020
First released: 5th August 2020
Compatibility: RapidWeaver 8 Only
GDPR / DSGVO / CCPA compliant: Yes
Responsive: Yes
Doctype: Valid HTML5
Font Awesome version: 5.13.1
Bootstrap version: 4.5.0
Usage agreement: Click for details
Example website: View online
Download example website: Click here

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An elegant theme design that would be great for novice RapidWeaver users or anybody who wants to get a simple website published fast. Paper has a beautiful default colour scheme, offset against a slightly textured background. A "Crimson Text" embedded web for face improves the clarity of written content. Paper uses a mixture of modern web development techniques; like mobile-first responsive design, animation effects and CSS flexbox layouts.

Includes Bootstrap and Font Awesome

ThemeFlood hosts professional-quality RapidWeaver themes. Despite Paper being offered as a free theme, you are still entitled to a theme that includes both Bootstrap and the free collection of Font Awesome Icons. Bootstrap is the most popular front-end web development framework that far-exceeds others like Foundation. And Font Awesome has established itself as one of the most popular icon libraries used by web designers. With both of these powerful libraries already built into the theme for you, you can forego any complicated setup or requirement to buy extra addons. See the ThemeFlood knowledge base for details on how to use both.


This is a basic theme, and therefore Paper only displays a single level of parent page links. However you can manually create your own links elsewhere in the webpage, to subpages or other websites as needed. On smaller screens like mobile, the navigation links toggle open and close, to preserve space.


Paper has a whopping 10 ExtraContent containers, located in various parts of the page! These let you easily inject content (like text, HTML code, buttons, weblinks, audio, images or video) into areas of the page that would normally be out-of-bounds from being edited. Please see the ThemeFlood knowledge base for details on how to use ExtraContent with either the code snippets or free stacks.

Colour pickers

Within the theme style settings, you'll see that Paper has over 20 colour pickers. These let you customise the colour scheme of practically everything shown on the webpage. All colour pickers support opacity too, if you need to tone-down particular colours or offset them against something else. Paper is a fun theme to build with.

Style settings

We make it much easier for you to customise common parts of the theme, like the mobile breakpoint, font size, line height and the display of different page elements. All these settings are quick to directly access in the theme style settings. A choice of number boxes and checkboxes are available for you to use.

Customising text strings

If you need to, here are some CSS code snippets to help you customise different text strings used by the theme:

nav #mobile_menu_toggle:before {
content: '';

nav.menu_open #mobile_menu_toggle:before {
content: '';

nav #mobile_menu_toggle:after {
content: 'Website Links & Contact';

A small reminder...

Paper is generously provided to you as a free RapidWeaver theme. You are welcome to download Paper and use it for any personal or commercial projects. All that is politely asked is that any credits remain intact. If you want the credits removed or want to show your appreciation for this theme, a small monetary contribution of $10 USD or more is appreciated.