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Autumn Portholes

This is the Blank theme. An empty theme comprising of just a simple page content container and several theme style and colour settings available for selection in the Page Inspector.

Blank theme is a free theme from ThemeFlood. Many people regard this non-flamboyant theme as the original and best 'blank canvas' theme available for RapidWeaver and pre-dates many others available on the market. Blank theme works with all RapidWeaver page types, including Styled Text, HTML Code, Markdown, the Contact Form and Stacks. With this theme, you can build individual pages for things like embedded video or slideshows. Alternatively you can use Bootstrap code snippets or the Stacks plugin to build complete websites. Blank theme works the way you want to work; and you can effortlessly create beautiful pages with drag-and-drop simplicity.

As you would expect, this RapidWeaver theme is fully responsive and works great on different screen sizes; ranging from small smartphones up to large cinematic displays. Blank theme is fully compatible with all major web browsers.

Free does not mean a compromise on features. Blank theme includes support for Font Awesome icons, Nivo Lightbox, ExtraContent, the complete Twitter Bootstrap framework and other libraries. These components give you a lot of extra fire-power to build brilliant websites with.

Other Details

You can hire me if you require the Blank theme to be customised or modified for a particular project. Paid one-to-one technical support is available on request.