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Putting things into perspective

Composition is a truly "minimalist" RapidWeaver theme; coded in pure HTML5, CSS and ES6 Javascript. Other than the drag-and-drop banner image you see above, Composition is completely devoid of any images too. The end result is this ultra-lightweight theme that loads in the blink of an eye.

What use has it?

You probably would not want to use Composition for a large or complicated website. However for a landing page, personal websites, school projects, or a little photography portfolio for yourself or a friend, Composition could actually be a great starting point. Composition is made for smaller websites, in that it only supports a single level of navigation links.

Here from the start

This theme has quite a rich and varied history. Composition was one of the first ThemeFlood themes released. The original Composition was developed from a free theme called 'Aperture' way back in 2005. Composition was sold for many years until it was retired in 2016. But it's legacy still lives on once more; this time in the format of a free RapidWeaver theme.

Theme features

You can place trust in Composition working on all major web browsers and devices. Composition is compatible with all your favourite RapidWeaver page types (not just Stacks). A couple of style settings exist to change some colouring and sizing. Plus there are a few 'toggles' for different things like a sidebar. Despite this being a donationware theme, you have 10 ExtraContent containers too. Further modifications would certainly be feasible with CSS code.