Mobilize Test Site


If downloading and using this test site in RapidWeaver, please apply the ThemeFlood Blank theme.

This test website comprises of 3 pages named Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. Each has a Mobilize stack on it. Depending on what device you are using to view this page determines which page you get redirected to.

If for example you try to go to the Mobile or Tablet pages in a desktop web browser, you should find you are automatically redirected to the designated Desktop page.

You can test this functionality using the new Simulator tool available in RapidWeaver 8 and later.

Of course in real life, you would most likely setup Mobilize to behave the same on all pages of a website. Then specify a separate website that you redirect the mobile and tablet traffic to.

Mobilize can be setup as a Partial in Stacks, to make this task a lot easier.

For example, Facebook have their main website here which a majority of people visit: However if you try to open that page on an iPhone or Android smartphone, you are instead redirected to

Interestingly Facebook don't have a redirect on the mobile version of the website, so if you go there in your desktop web browser, you don't get sent back to the desktop website.

Mobilize builds on these same basic principles. It works server-side using PHP code to detect and redirect mobile, tablet and desktop web browsers to particular websites or webpages.

This webpage you are reading now has no Mobilize stack on it, so mobile, tablet and desktop users will all see the same. Try clicking the navigation links below to see what happens.

Are you interested in using this stack in your own websites? Mobilize is available to buy from the Stacks4Stacks website.