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A fundamental part of your wardrobe, this classic t-shirt delivers comfort and timeless style with a premium look and feel. Perfect for physical activies, sports and outdoor adventures! We make our premium quality t-shirts from organic cotton. Each t-shirt features extra durable seams to resist snags and tears. Perfect for most types of indoor and outdoor sporting activities. The dye is specially formulated to withstand salt water and UV.

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Key features

  • Premium organic cotton for comfort and durability
  • 96% cotton and 4% elastane
  • Cool, breathable material
  • Double seams for extra strength
  • Salt water and UV resistant colour dye
  • Wide choice of sizes available in-stock

Care Instructions

Wash in cold or warm water. Avoid hot water, because this can cause shrinkage. Most brands of fabric softner can be used. Wash similar colours together. Tumble-dry on a low heat or air dry outside.

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