This Rapidweaver theme has a Split Menu: the first level of navigation is always horizontal and displays at the top of the page. For second level navigation, you decide if you'd prefer it vertically in the sidebar (this choice allows for further sub-levels of navigation) or horizontally below the header image (this choice is limited to two levels of navigation).

Add an animated header with an image slider plugin (these plugins are developed and distributed by other developers, so they are not included with the Prestigious theme) or with Bannerzest. You'll find examples in this demo site. And the Readme explains how to add this in the header.

PRESTIGIOUS has up to 5 ExtraContent areas that allows the user to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows. You can use these areas for slideshows (using an image slider plugin in the ExtraContent 1 container), textlines, images, social network icons, Google ads snippets, searchbox or whatever.

Go to this page to see all theme styles and here for more info about this theme.