The Rainbow theme has a rather minimalistic layout. This theme works well for content-heavy websites. Rainbow would make a good theme for a website demanding a more corporate feel. In the past, many people have been able to successfully use Rainbow for websites like software and business services, restaurants and hospitality, information and educational sites.

Rainbow purposefully does not have a large 'banner' container towards the top and its spacious content container makes it great to use in conjunction with addons like Stacks (not included). A large number of style, font and colour settings are provided in this theme.

The textured background means that this theme is not entirely blank. Combining embedded web fonts with these subtle 'noise' textured backgrounds can help you quickly accomplish a very smart and modern looking website. Be sure to explore the full choice of settings offered in Rainbow - you might be surprised how customisable the theme is.

   Menu:   The Rainbow theme has a side-panel menu for mobile and a horizontal drop-down menu on desktop. Down and right-pointing arrows are added automatically next to links with sub-pages. You can also add your own Font Awesome icons next to menu items (as we have done in this example).

   Background and Strips:   The theme has 10 beautiful background patterns (or choose any solid colour) and 10 different rainbow header strips.

   ExtraContent:   The theme has 7 ExtraContent areas:
  • EC1 at the bottom of the mobile menu, below the page links
  • EC2 located above the title / slogan
  • EC3 located below the title / slogan
  • EC4 located above the main content container and sidebar
  • EC5 located below the main content container and sidebar
  • EC6 located above the footer
  • EC7 located below the footer

It is feasible to make use of Stacks (not included) within any of these ExtraContent regions to split the content up into multiple columns. Or you can use Bootstrap grid markup, to create simple columns with HTML code.

   Font Awesome:   Font Awesome is integrated into this theme. That means you have several hundred icons at your disposal, in any colour and any size you like. Font Awesome icons are vectors, which mean they're gorgeous on high-resolution displays. And they are completely free for commercial use.

   Responsive:   The Rainbow theme is responsive, so it looks and functions great on both desktop and mobile platforms. No more having to build separate websites for different devices.