Weave a website, your way…

Welcome to RWSkinz

We think you might like this exciting theme framework! RWSkinz has been used for several years to build commercial websites for private clients. By request, RWSkinz is now available for other RapidWeaver users to build great websites with.

From a psychologically standpoint, RWSkinz puts you into a mindset of creating clean and distinctive webpages - with emphasis on content clarity, design simplicity, higher website accessibility standards and faster loading webpages. RWSkinz should easily meet the requirements of any individual or small web design agency with an eye for all-round quality. We firmly believe that a decent website should not only look good on the surface, but function equally as well underneath too.

This is very much a theme framework made by experts - for experts!

About this example

This webpage was created using a standard RapidWeaver Styled Text page type and the RWSkinz theme with its default style and layout settings applied. A couple of other notes about this page:

  • The total size of this page (including the large retina-resolution banner image) is under 750 KB. This is substantially less-than many other theme frameworks. Files (like CSS, fonts and Javascript) are cached by the browser, so page loading is even faster on subsequent views.

  • Easily replace the banner image above with your own, by dragging and dropping a new one into the banner drop zone.

  • RWSkinz can work with practically any page type. It is not restricted to only working with Stacks.

  • Simple checkbox toggles within the RWSkinz theme style settings allow you to turn different page components on and off.

  • Page navigation links are generated automatically for you, and the link of the current page is highlighted. Subpages get listed in drop-downs. And yes, multiple levels of subpages are supported too!

  • Continue to provide content like your logo image, site title, site slogan, page meta data and footer copyright information through the RapidWeaver Site Settings or Page Inspector.

  • If tabbed navigation is enabled in your web browser, you will be able to navigate this entire test site using your keyboard tab and return keys. One of many powerful accessibility features built into RWSkinz.

  • This webpage passes HTML5 validation tests. This gives assurances of clean and quality markup compliant with web standards.

  • If you go to print this webpage or save it as a PDF, you will get a tidy output. Surplus components (like breadcrumb and navigation bars) are hidden. URLs are appended after web links, so people can go back to them later.