Welcome to the Snow theme

Snow is a beautifully sharp and crisp theme design, originally developed for creative writers and bloggers. The clean and uncluttered layout gives this theme an ultra-minimalist taste, making it suitable for all sorts of different web projects. Numerous theme style and colour settings are built into this theme, making customisations quick and simple. The theme has an extremely small footprint (less than 42KB after caching) which results in blazingly fast loading pages and low bandwidth.

A unique feature of the Snow theme is the split navigation layout. Current page and ancestor page links are always displayed on the left, giving a clear indication of what page a user is presently on. This innovative setup merges navigation and breadcrumb functionality together. Options exist to customise the body background and header heights. Snow uses valid HTML5 and CSS2 code, and is tested for compatibility with IE7, IE8, IE9, FF4, FF5, Safari, Opera and Chrome.

This page demonstrate the use of the splash screen style option. This setting hides all containers, except the main content container. It is useful for creating an introductory or landing page to your website.

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