Welcome to a new kind of classroom

Supporty requires RapidWeaver 8 or later. It is provided as a free theme, but you are encouraged to donate if you enjoy using it.

The theme is mostly designed for educators and people wanting to deploy support websites (hence its name). However this theme could easily be adapted for a whole host of other potential uses.

Please follow the normal documentation for setting up the theme, including items like adding your own custom banner images, customising text strings or configuring ExtraContent.

This theme is compatible with all page types that ship with RapidWeaver - including styled text, HTML code, the blog, file sharing, Markdown and the contact form. Our demo site here uses the Stacks plugin, which is a separate purchase. You may need to buy other addons too, like for recreating the search box.

Other stacks used in this project (like the lightbox, syntax highlighting, ExtraContent and shadow boxes) are a free download, if you don't have them already.

The rest of this page and website mostly comprises of placeholder content.
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