Content Aware

This is some clever code in the Sytten theme, which looks to see if you have added content within certain sidebars or theme ExtraContent regions. If content is present, then the theme intelligently "opens" the containers to display your content. This saves you from the monotony of needing to manually toggle things on and off yourself, within the theme style settings.

10 Style Presets

Sytten makes weaving your first website with RapidWeaver even easier. This is definitely a friendly theme for novice RapidWeaver users to settle into using. A total of ten "preset" styles are bundled with the theme. These let you quickly experiment with different styles and colour schemes possible. Take and reuse these preset styles as you see fit or create your own.

Made for Modern Websites

Gone are the days when we build exclusively for a 1024 by 768 pixel screen size. Nowadays people coming to our websites can be using any variety of devices or computers. Sytten is a fully responsive RapidWeaver theme compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Responsive means that the layout of the website changes to fit the screen size. It saves having to build multiple websites for different devices.

Cutting Edge

A solid codebase ensures you can build websites with Sytten that will provide years of hassle-free usage. The choice of style and colour settings available within Sytten has been expanded from earlier versions. Not only does this make Sytten easier to work with, but it greatly increases the sorts of web design jobs you can use the theme for.

Legendary Support

Sytten comes with one of the most important features of all - phenomenal customer support.

You're not just buying a theme. You are buying exclusive access to expert technical support. You'll receive thoughtful and caring replies from real people, and you'll get them fast.


Sytten looks complicated, but actually has a relatively small codebase, compared with some other RapidWeaver themes and frameworks. It also supports features like code consolidation (in your website settings). The end result is the publication of webpages that load faster. Because many users want the fastest loading websites possible.

Ultimate Control

Why try to force a square peg in a round hole? Sytten gives you ultimate control over its layout and colours so you can build the perfect site. Anyone who tells you "themes are too limited" is talking rubbish. Sytten is capable of building expert-grade websites, in a fraction of the time and cost of using blank frameworks.

Beautiful Banners

So easy to setup! Simply drag-and-drop a suitably sized image into Page Inspector > Banner. Within the theme style settings, set the Header Background setting to RapidWeaver Dragged & Dropped Banner to instantly see your artwork applied as a stunning header.


A total of 15 ExtraContent areas expand the possibilities, making it even easier to build a killer website customised just for your specific needs. You can see where these containers are located by clicking Miscellaneous > Preview ExtraContent Containers in the theme style options. Use the normal ExtraContent stacks or code snippets to get your content into these regions.

System Requirements

This version of Sytten requires RapidWeaver 7 or greater. Sytten happily works with any RapidWeaver page type; however we recommend use of the Stacks plugin, if you want to create more intricate page layouts (like this one) or do things like embedded video. Sytten happily works with most stack elements.