Old web design, just a bit newer!

The Table theme for RapidWeaver allows for the recreation of traditional "table like" web designs. A style of website that was once commonly made with software such as Microsoft FrontPage, GoLive, NVU, and of course early versions of RapidWeaver.

In those days, you would typically add a table to your website and drop page elements into each "cell". Of course, web design has moved on substantially from these methods. It wasn't really what tables were designed for, but in those days, that was about the only way to structure webpages.

Thankfully the Table theme makes no use of old-fashioned rigid HTML tables for its layout. Instead what you're looking at is a page coded beautifully with the latest CSS and HTML markup, fully mobile responsive of course! Plus this theme is highly accessible; like allowing website users to tab-through the entire menu using their keyboard.

So think of the Table theme as a synergy between old-school web design and the latest web technologies.


Sometimes a need arises to build a website in RapidWeaver, where time and budgetary constraints are too tight to allow use of a more modern theme design.

Other times you might be seeking to recreate an older website with RapidWeaver that simply does not need to be ultra-flamboyant.

There is almost no type of website the Table theme wouldn't be suitable to use for. This theme has a decent array of style and colour settings; plus support for features like RapidWeaver dragged and dropped banner images, the Bootstrap framework and Font Awesome 5 icons.

Table works with all RapidWeaver page types, including styled text, file sharing, Markdown, the blog, the contact form, HTML code, sitemap, Stacks and more...
Web design by Will Woodgate