Day & Night Modes

Torrent has two sets of colour pickers. One set for devices or computers in a normal viewing mode. And a second set for devices or computers that identify themselves as being in dark mode or night mode. This lets you create websites that adjust seamlessly to the viewing preferences of of your website users. No special code or complicated configuration is required.

Legendary Support

Torrent comes with the most important feature of all - phenomenal customer support.

You're not just buying a theme. You are buying exclusive access to expert technical support. You'll receive thoughtful and caring replies from real people, and you'll get them fast.

Fully Responsive

Modern websites need to look and perform flawlessly on every device. Torrent is carefully designed and engineered to work on any device, screen size and web browser. All the complicated coding, configuration and testing is already done for you. Try resizing your web browser window or viewing this demo site on alternative devices.

Over 100 Font Faces

A special plugin called RWFontKit is built into Torrent. This provides you with three select menus in the theme style settings, to change the font faces of headings, navigation and body content. Over 100 embedded, system and web safe fonts are ready for your selection. The default font face used is Noto Sans. Number boxes also exist for changing the font size of different elements.

Beautiful Banners

So easy to setup! Simply drag-and-drop a suitably sized image into Page Inspector > Banner to instantly see your artwork applied as a stunning banner.

A special 'Banner Overlay' colour picker applies a colour tint to your banner image. This works to tone-down vibrant banners and make the title / slogan text more readable.


18 ExtraContent areas expand the possibilities, making it even easier to build a killer website customised just for your specific needs.

Many of these ExtraContent regions are "content aware"; meaning that their backgrounds and borders only appear when they are activated with content to display.

System Requirements

This version of Torrent requires RapidWeaver 8 or greater (it will not work with older versions of RapidWeaver). Torrent happily works with any RapidWeaver page type; however we recommend use of the Stacks plugin, if you want to create more intricate page layouts or do things like embedded video. Stacks typically makes things a lot quicker and easier!
Torrent was as-much an experiment as it was a desire to bring some of the most influential new web technologies to RapidWeaver. All packaged up neatly inside a "ready to publish" theme that anybody of any skill level can get satisfying results with.