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Upside Down is a beautifully responsive RapidWeaver theme. Featuring a truly unique 'upside down' toggle menu, this theme can be used to create stunning website portfolios and boutique ecommerce websites. Upside Down works reliably on all mainstream web browsers and devices.
It is important that modern websites are built using the latest techniques. Upside Down embraces many progressive enhancements, like CSS flexbox, viewport sizing, embedded WOFF2 font faces, ES6 Javascript, RGBa and animations. Completed webpages are valid HTML5.
You have no shortage of customisable settings in Upside Down! Just about every aspect of colouring, backgrounds, font faces and styling are within your ability to easily change. Combined with plugins like Stacks (not included), Upside Down is a remarkably capable theme, coded to the highest standards.

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