By default this theme uses a hot and spicy colour scheme, but you can easily customise the theme to create page designs with a bespoke colour scheme of your choice. Volcano is a very flexible theme, which can display perfectly across a broad range of web browsers and different browser devices. You’ll notice from this demo site that pages load quickly, due to optimised source code and a reduction in the amount of graphics used.

This website is intended to give a brief snap-shot of what Volcano is capable of. The range of features in this theme is staggering, so it's strongly recommended you download the free demo version to tryout on your own computer, and read through the user guide on the website. More details about this theme (including purchase links, complimentary stacks and code snippets) can be found on the ThemeFlood website.

This page is using the splash-screen style setting in Volcano to create an effective landing page. No code or complicated configurations required - just tick the splash screen setting in the Miscellaneous theme settings. Elements like the navigation, header, sidebar and footer are automatically hidden. The banner container is stretched to fill the whole screen, and the normal page content container is layered over the top. Click the link below for more examples of the theme.

Heat-up your creativity with Volcano