This is the demo site for the Xense RapidWeaver theme. Xense features both a regular content container and sidebar. You can setup content quickly, in the normal way. The background slideshow effect is built-into the Xense theme (you do not need to buy extra addons to accomplish this). The slider can be setup using the free Henk's Slider stack or with a code snippet. Obviously to use the slider stack, you do already need to have the Stacks plugin, which is not included with the theme.

Xense is a fully responsive theme, that works great across a wide choice of different devices and web browsers. A great many style and colour settings are built into the theme, so you can easily customise the appearance of webpages without needing complicated code. Xense includes the Bootstrap framework and Font Awesome Icons; the latter of which are useful for the setup of social media buttons.

If you need to get a quality image portfolio online quickly, then Xense could be exactly the theme you need! Not only does Xense look visually stunning in any modern web browser or device, but this theme is loaded with a broad array of customisable style and colour settings.

Within a short space of time, it would be feasible to build not just any-old website; but a complete immersive experience for your web visitors. A website which will captivate your site visitors and leave a lasting impression. Wherever you need to showcase your products or services to potential customers, Xense could be ideal.

Xense goes against convention. This radical theme design will help you build the online portfolio you never thought was possible with RapidWeaver. And unlike starting from a blank canvas, all the complicated work and pixel-pushing has been done for you already.