Order Lookups

If you need to lookup a past order and re-download themes or stacks previously purchased, you can login to your secure Paddle account. Either login to an existing account or use your past email address to create a new account and recover your orders. Any addons you have updated or purchased since 1st January 2015 should be listed there.

  Other Support Links

Other good places to seek answers for frequently asked questions include the RapidWeaver Community Forums or the ThemeFlood Knowledgebase. Sometimes your question might have already been answered there. Both resources host a wealth of useful information. Access to both support resources is free.

  Asking For Help

Help us to help you! We are here to help, but can only reply to support messages that contain sufficient information. This popular forum post may help you understand how we operate and the type of details we need from you. A few extra tidbits of information you give could save significant time in getting the answers you want.

  Installing New Addons

If you're new to RapidWeaver and struggling to comprehend the difference between themes and stacks, where to install them, or how to apply them to a website, take a quick look at this useful forum post. Just about everything you need to know is explained in detail here. All our addons are distributed as simple .zip packages.

  Customisations & Mod's

Need a theme modified or a new custom theme built to your exact design and specification? You're in the right place! Drop us a short email detailing what you need, and we'll get back to you with some ideas. Plus we can also do theme development for other platforms; like Wordpress, Shopify, October and Concrete5.

  Photography Release Forms

Many of our themes include in-house photography for banners and backgrounds. The theme license includes continued use of these images in your personal or commercial web projects, without attribution, and at no additional cost. Photography release forms are available; just email the theme name and image(s) requiring a declaration.
Most of all, we hope you get great enjoyment from using our RapidWeaver themes and are able to get lots of use from them. We love to hear success stories about where you are using our themes and the wonderful websites you've built with them. Please get in contact with any feedback or feature requests you may have.