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It's simple! For questions about using any ThemeFlood themes, feedback, feature requests and enquiries about development of custom addons, please click the email button:

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We're also on the rw4all community forum.

Or get in touch via Mastodon for a chat:

All messages normally get a reply within 6 - 12 hours, Monday to Friday. Things might be a bit slower around holidays.

If you need to lookup a past order and re-download themes or stacks previously purchased, you can login to your secure Paddle account. Any addons you have updated or purchased since 1st January 2015 should be listed there.

Other good places to seek answers for common questions include the RapidWeaver Community Forums or the ThemeFlood Knowledgebase. Sometimes your question might have aleady been answered there.

Is your question a support matter? It often helps to state the name / version of the addon you are using and provide a link to a published test page. Issues that can be replicated are typically much quicker to get resolved.

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