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Theme details

Theme name: Vector
Theme designer: Will Woodgate
Current version: 2.0
Last updated: 30th April 2018
First released: 17th June 2016
Compatibility: RapidWeaver 7 & 8
GDPR / DSGVO / CCPA compliant: Yes
Responsive: Yes
Doctype: Valid HTML5
Font Awesome version: 5.0.9
Bootstrap version: 4.1.1
Usage agreement: Click for details
Example website: View online
Download example website: Click here

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A bright and distinctive RapidWeaver theme. Vector is perfect for smaller e-commerce, campaign and sporting or event websites. The Union Jack style flag background is formed using pure CSS code (no graphics) so it scales to fit any screen resolution and can be recoloured using built-in colour pickers within a few seconds. Empowered by Bootstrap 4, you'll find Vector to be a strong and flexible RapidWeaver theme across all formats of media. This is a fun and jazzy theme design which will instantly add impact to any website.

Expertly designed, Vector utilises an embedded PT Sans web font face for all headings and written content. Consistent, scalable spacing and generous font sizes give completed pages a professional appearance. Vector works with all RapidWeaver page types and includes plenty of style and colour settings for accomplishing all the basics of theme modification. Extra features built into Vector include Font Awesome Icons, jQuery 3 and the complete Bootstrap frontend framework.


Vector supports a single level of page navigation links, which reflow in a simplistic manner to fit smaller screens. This theme purposefully does-away with the complexities of drop-down menus or accordion toggles. Simplicity is the name of the game!

You can still create subpages in your RapidWeaver project and manually link to those pages. Alternatively you can explore other ways of presenting larger quantities of content; like tabs or toggles created with stack elements. Vector can also display a breadcrumb trail of links in the footer (breadcrumbs can be turned on in RapidWeaver site settings).


This theme includes one of our FreeStyle banners. The banner region is hidden until you embed an image, video or slideshow within the banner container. Full setup details for FreeStyle banners can be found in the knowledgebase. Three example static banner images are included with the theme already, named 1.jpg, 2.jpg and 3.jpg. Additionally Vector supports banner images in RapidWeaver 7; dragged and dropped into the RapidWeaver Page Inspector.

ExtraContent enabled

Like many other ThemeFlood themes, Vector supports ExtraContent container. This theme has a total of 20 ExtraContent containers, which easily exceeds the number of ExtraContent containers many paid themes from competing companies provide in their themes! ExtraContent gives you the freedom to break-outside of the normal RapidWeaver content containers and build more complex page layouts. Use the 'Preview ExtraContent Containers' option in the theme Miscellaneous style settings to see where all the ExtraContent containers are located within this theme.


By default, the sidebar is hidden in Vector. However it can be easily enabled in the theme style settings and configured to float either left or right. The sidebar will need to be enabled if you're using page types like the blog or FAQmaker; because these plugins output extra navigation links (like tag clouds) into the sidebar.

A small reminder...

Vector is generously provided to you as a free RapidWeaver theme. You are welcome to download Vector and use it for any personal or commercial projects. All that is politely asked is that any credits remain intact. If you want the credits removed or want to show your appreciation for this theme, a small monetary contribution of $10 USD or more is appreciated.