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Free Demo Versions

ThemeFlood has always provided free demo versions of both the RapidWeaver themes and WeaverPix themes offered for sale on the website. Free demo versions grant you the ability to install and fully evaluate themes on your computer, before committing to a purchase. In a modular setup like RapidWeaver (where there are many addons from different companies and of varying quality or sophisitcation) this is of paramount importance to do.

Free demo versions let you explore the full choice of style and colour settings available within an individual theme, experiment with different combinations and test themes against real content. You can also use demo versions to publish samplers to your web server; which is useful for more detailed testing of theme performance and to demonstrate ideas to clients who you might be working on behalf of.

It's recommended you explore the full set of features a theme supports, but avoid investing too much time in setting up projects with demo themes or creating saved style sheets. Free demo's cannot be 'unlocked' with a license code and the purchase of a non-demo theme will require you to setup things again.

Please make use of the free demo versions provided and get in contact if you have any questions not already answered in this knowledgebase.

Limitations of demo versions

Free demo versions offer a good representation of what you might be considering to buy. But obviously we cannot give themes away for free, so the demo versions may have one or more of the following limitations applied:

  • Links between pages (like links in the website navigation menu, breadcrumbs or the footer) may be disabled and not navigate anywhere when clicked
  • The website footer or banner images may contain a watermark like 'theme demo version'
  • Some of the example header or banner images supplied with the theme may have been removed
  • Watermarks might be displayed elsewhere in the page, like below a thumbnail grid or at the bottom of a content container
  • Automatic updates are disabled in all demo versions (you will not get a notification if updates become available)
  • Only limited customer support is available - so for example answers to basic pre-sales questions but no theme modifications

Demo versions may be a few versions behind the advertised version for sale on the website. For example, a theme might be listed as being version 4.4 on the website, but the downloaded demo version may show as being 4.2. The older version may have slightly fewer settings or might be using an older version of Bootstrap or Font Awesome icons. We don't always update free demo versions immediately after releasing updates to paid themes and don't tend to bother if the changes are rather insignificant.

Removing demo restrictions

It goes without saying that to remove demo restrictions, you'll need to purchase a copy of the theme from the ThemeFlood website! The checkout process is fast, simple and safe. You'll be emailed a download link to a full version of the theme (without demo restrictions applied), normally within a few seconds of your payment being received. The purchase grants you access to the unlocked theme and a non-transferable license to reuse the theme design in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects.

Once you have purchased a theme, you can delete any demo versions that may still exist within your RapidWeaver addons folder. Going forward, you should use the paid version of the theme in your projects.