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Updating RapidWeaver

If you've recently bought a new computer or updated your version of Mac OS X, then it's wise to always try and have the latest version of RapidWeaver installed on your computer. Older versions of RapidWeaver tend to get superseded by newer versions relatively quickly, and this means older versions can become buggy or unstable. It's sensible to aways try and run the newest version that your computer supports. The same applies to other addons, like the Stacks plugin.

When to update

It's sensible to avoid updating if you're working towards a tight deadline on a important project or if you read lots of feedback on the RapidWeaver forums from others about bugs or other issues encountered. After major updates, common issues are often fixed by about the second or third point-release update.

If money is tight any you can't afford to update RapidWeaver straight away, then keep an eye out for RapidWeaver on discount. Signing up for the RapidWeaver newsletter will often give you a small discount of about 10%. Likewise RapidWeaver frequently appears on software bundles; like MacHeist and MacUpdate bundles. Sometimes you can get RapidWeaver for $50 USD, plus a lot of other software and games. So you may wish to hang-out and wait for RapidWeaver to become available on discount; if its not imperative for you to update straight away and you want to save some money.

How to update

Recent versions of RapidWeaver permit you to keep multiple versions of RapidWeaver installed on the same computer. So it would be feasible to have RapidWeaver 5, RapidWeaver 6 and RapidWeaver 7 all installed on the same computer. It's wise to only delete an older version of RapidWeaver if you're certain you don't need it any more.

The first time you launch the newest version of RapidWeaver, you will get prompted to import addons from the previous version. This is the easiest and recommended approach towards importing your ThemeFlood themes and other addons. The import can take anywhere between a few seconds and several minutes to complete, so please be patient and leave the importer to run.

Copying RapidWeaver addons from an older version

Once complete, you'll be notified if any addons could not be imported. It's worth mentioning that addons that failed to import were likely old or outdated page types that are blacklisted and known to have incompatibility issues with your latest version of RapidWeaver. So it's best to re-download the latest versions of all your page type plugins (like Stacks) to ensure you're totally up-to-date.

Failed RapidWeaver addon copying

Project files can sometimes be a bit more tricky. Some older versions of RapidWeaver required you to manually export a project, before it could be opened in a newer version of RapidWeaver. In newer versions of RapidWeaver, we've tended to see a trend of RapidWeaver being able to open and automatically convert project files for you. So the exact instructions for opening existing websites in new versions of RapidWeaver may vary, depending on what version you're updating from. Check the RapidWeaver forums for the latest information.

Backups and reporting problems

Before embarking on installing updates, it's wise to ensure your RapidWeaver project files and addons (like ThemeFlood themes) are suitably backed-up. All newer Mac's come supplied with Time Machine which can be enabled and used to take frequent backups of all your files. That way should an issue arise, you can easily undo an update and roll-back to a safe point.

If you encounter any odd issues with updates (like strange error messages, corrupt files or random crashes) please report the problems on the RapidWeaver forums or direct to Realmac Software. Include sufficient information for problems to be easily replicated.

Theme compatibility

We always try to obtain Beta builds of RapidWeaver and perform extensive tests of ThemeFlood themes to ensure everything is working as expected for you. Any minor changes needed to themes (like the supplement of new icons or support links) are normally gradually rolled-out in free theme updates. We aim to maintain full compatibility of our themes with the widest range of RapidWeaver versions available; typically RapidWeaver 5 through to RapidWeaver 7 and beyond.